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Benefit for Maher: Assumption 12/1/19

Susan Roland will be at Assumption Church on 12/1/19 selling goods made by people from Maher as a benefit for this wonderful community. Here is a link to the Maher website, if you have not been to our local Maher events with Sister Lucy, and would like to learn more– or to see what has more recently been happening in the community!

There will also be additional opportunities to make purchases which contribute towards helping others at this same sale! See the simple description Susan shared with me below:

Sunday, Dec. 1, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Gym
Come check out the selection of arts & craft items, spend time browsing through the used book sale, all while enjoying a variety of baked goods! Sponsored by Assumption Catholic School’s PTC.


worms eye view of spiral stained glass decors through the roof

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Weekend 2/7 thru 2/9/20 Sanskrit Immersion Registration

The Sanskrit Immersion with Claudette Evans of the American Sanskrit Institute is officially open for registration! Please send tuition in the form of a check made out to Elizabeth Kerwin, in the amount of $225, as well as your name and contact information to me at 6551 Rutsatz Road, Deming WA 98244 . Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancellation happens by 1/10/20. After that time, 50% until one week prior to the weekend, at which time the full amount is forfeited unless there is a true emergency. Many thanks for your understanding, with a weekend retreat taught by a teacher from Tacoma. Those wishing to be in retreat with overnight accommodations, friday and saturday nights, please be in touch with me via email at regarding lodging at the Forest Hermitage or River Retreat both in walking distance from Turtle Haven, site of the teachings.  


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Revised Schedule For Classes!

The last classes for Fall  quarter were originally scheduled for Thanksgiving week. The revised schedule cancels  those classes for November 26th and 27th, rescheduling them for the 3rd and 4th of December. Classes will run as usual this coming week, on November 18th and 19th. Stay tuned for Intersession fundraising classes, with proceeds to be donated to organizations assisting those currently living without a home.


Mass on Creation Registration Link

For those wishing to register for the November 3rd Stillpoint sponsored offering, Mass on Creation at Turtle Haven, here is the link with the flyer on the Stillpoint website. Just beneath the flyer on that page is a “button” to  press, in order to register for the event. Registration is essential, even for those who will be at Turtle Haven for the Outer Darkness, Inner Radiance retreat.

Special Event at Turtle Haven: 11/3/19

Here is a special offering at Turtle Haven, brought to us through Stillpoint! Please register if you would like to partake. For those who will be at Turtle Haven on retreat the first 11/1 through 3, this experience could be a wonderful culmination. Everyone who wishes to come must preregister. For details, please read this flyer!mass_for_creation.Nov.3

Sanskrit Immersion February 2020


Lynn Minton Workshop October 26th

Here is a flyer for Lynn Minton’s workshop coming up October 26th! This is an opportunity to study and practice with a much loved and seasoned teacher, right here in Bellingham at Yoga Northwest. Lynn has relocated to our beautiful PNW corner, and here is one of her offerings.

Lynne Minton with picture


Outer Darkness, Inner Radiance Retreat

Outer Darkness, Inner Radiance 

Residential Retreat at Turtle Haven Sanctuary and the Forest Hermitage:  November 1 through 3, 2019

In the gateway time into Autumn’s darker days, join with a small circle of seekers,  with each person essentially guiding their own journey with silence, rest and reflection. Sauca, or cleanliness, which invites purification is the  first of the Niyamas in the Yoga Sutras. The Niyamas offer “inner rules of self care,” in the words of Julia Shaida in her online Yoga Sutra text. In a beautiful place in nature, away from our usual environment and tasks, and in collectively held silence, we have a precious opportunity to listen to what Rohit Mehta terms the Voice of Silence. When the body is refreshed from quiet and rest, and the mind drinks in the peace of stillness, we may receive the gift of connecting once again with our ourselves, rediscovering our inner True North Star.

This invitation into Sabbath time at Turtle Haven Sanctuary has been a dream in the making for years, and this is our first foray into bringing the dream into embodied form! We plan to continue along these lines in some regular rhythm.

All structured elements during the weekend are optional!  See the options  further down in this blog entry. You will choose what is right for your time of inwardness and renewal. Please feel free to be completely independent during your stay. Elizabeth will offer specific periods of silent meditation during the weekend, and the studio will also be open for individual silent practices. Participants will share the Forest Hermitage, a 10 minute walk from Turtle Haven, and the lovely space that is an Airbnb on our adjoining neighbour’s land, a 2 minute walk from Turtle Haven.  Both have kitchens, though the more fully equipped is at the forest hermitage; you will prepare your own food during the retreat, other than kitcharee an Indian spiced rice and mung bean healing food prepared by Laura Smith and offered freely as lunch on Saturday.




Our time together will begin with an opening orientation in the Sanctuary, folllowed by a simple guided ceremony for all who wish to partake. We will have a Día de los Muertos altar respectfully echoing those of Mexican culture; given this annual tradition commemorating those who have passed, we will have a candlelit space for placing photographs, flowers, and small objects of remembrance and offering.

On Saturday late morning, Elizabeth will offer a participatory philosophy reflection circle, and a Yoga Nidra class. Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing and inward reclined meditation accessible to anyone who can lie on the floor with support.

On Saturday and Sunday, Laura Smith from the Ayurvedic Center, and friend of Turtle Haven, will offer optional individual healing treatments/bodywork sessions in Ch The cost for this work is additional to the basic cost for the weekend, and will be limited to six sessions, and thus six individuals.  To sign up for these sessions, contact Laura at:

Here is a description of Laura’s work:

Deepen your retreat experience with an Abhyanga Nourishing Oil Massage

75 minutes: $85.00

Invite your soul to blossom with soothing touch. This traditional Ayurvedic massage masterfully envelops you in attentive, gentle support for your continuous unfolding. Warm herb-infused oils are massaged throughout the body to disarm an overactive nervous system, nourish the tissues with vital fluids, remove obstructions in the channels, and flush wastes from the system. Marmas points (junctions in the energy system) are stimulated to help regain balanced energy flow in the body. And finally the body is wiped down with warm towels leaving you feeling calm and cleansed. Please contact Laura for scheduling, and any other questions:

On Sunday, we will close the retreat at noon in the Sanctuary.  At 1 pm, and lasting for about one hour, those who wish to partake in a ceremony collaboratively offered with Stillpoint at Beckside Spirituality Center may join into this celebration of our communion with Life, the Earth and all her creatures, offered by Martha O’Hehir from Colorado, who will be teaching at Stillpoint as we partake in our retreat here at Turtle Haven.  Her offering centers on the work of Joanna Macy and the restoration of our knowing earth’s sacredness while rekindling a deep honoring and stewardship of the planet. The broad sense of the Mass is inspired by Teilhard DeChardin’s Mass on the World.

Cost: Sliding Fee $145 to $195 for the full program. Only Ayurvedic treatment with Laura is additional. Donations for Turtle Haven Sanctuary, and scholarships for those in need for its retreats or programs, or for Maher Ashram always gratefully received. Please send registration and check to: Elizabeth Kerwin  6551 Rutsatz Road Deming, WA 98244


Sanskrit Anyone?

I am fishing with this blog post, to see if I can get nibbles on who might be interested if I were to bring a Sanskrit teacher up to Turtle Haven for a weekend, for an immersion in the language of yoga! Please do let me know if you yourself are interested, or pass along the blog post to another you imagine may wish to partake in this potential offering! This description comes from Claudette Evans website. She teaches independently, and with the American Sanskrit Institute. The course would be through this well known institute, with its time tested method for teaching Sanskrit. Please email me at elizabethkerwin@hotmail if you may be interested!


American Sanskrit Institute’s Immersion Weekend –
Intro to Sanskrit Level I & II 
PERFECTLY REFINED, Sanskrit is the language of yoga. Anyone can resonate with Sanskrit’s timeless sounds—and connect to words and ideas incredibly beautiful and profound.​REWARDS ARE MANY for those who take the time to see, hear and feel the power and elegance of Sanskrit. Those interested in yoga philosophy particularly benefit from this study.This weekend workshop will give you intimate familiarity with the unique points of resonance in your own palate that support Sanskrit’s sacred sounds. And you’ll be firmly grounded in proper pronunciation of this ancient language.Along the way you’ll learn the alphabet—itself a lovely chant—and you’ll receive the tools you need to explore your favorite sutras and chants in the beautiful script of Sanskrit, Devanāgarī.

ASI’s teaching method, developed over many years by Vyaas Houston, makes learning Sanskrit stress-free and FUN!