It isn’t so surprising to see Mr. Iyengar himself, no matter his age, enjoying beautiful yoga positions as he is in the picture above. But can other people without as much and as deep an experience with yoga training also continue to practice as they get much older? (Has anyone wondered this when looking at the startling postcard above the sink at 8 Petals in which an elderly lady is showing some stunning yogic flexibility at the busstop?) Can people still practice yoga into their 80s in a way that allows them to experience its many benefits? Into their 90s?

Apparently even people who have never done yoga before, people in nursing homes whose age and health drastically restricts their ability to move are enjoying some of the greatest benefits of yoga according to a recent posting at the New Old Age blog at the One instructor explained, “I work on breath awareness and gentle movement. In a way, their physical limitation allows them to be closer to the root of the yoga experience, which is breathing and awareness.”

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