If you would like to help us organize at Presence Studio for the benefit Kirtan on Friday, we could use some helping hands for the setting up of the space, and then reorganizing again, at the end of the evening. If you wanted to come, but are not able to afford a ticket at this time, one option would be to volunteer and request a discounted or if needed, free ticket. Our time with Sister Lucy Kurien, who started Maher, was inspiring and delightful— she has a wondrous sense of humor and is a great storyteller! To those who were present for Sister Lucy’s talk, thanks for welcoming her to Bellingham. On Wednesday morning the 8th, Friends of Maher hosted a breakfast meeting with people who came from Lydia Place, Whatcom Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic, Womencare Shelter, the Interfaith Council, and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services of Whatcom County (DVSAS) to share with Sister Lucy aspects of services offered locally, to those offered to parallel populations through Maher in India. It was a fascinating and heart warming experience, holding mutual inspiration and ideas of new possibility for all who attended.

A local filght attendant, who had coincidentally met Sister Lucy on a flight two years ago, and was completely drawn to her, had introduced herself, and received the book about Maher Ashram directly on that flight from Sister Lucy, HAPPENED to be friends with one of the women at the breakfast gathering. Sister Lucy had “prayed to God” for the last two years to somehow again meet the woman who had been her flight attendant, going from Seattle to Copenhagen. It was a glorious moment when that same woman “interrupted” our meeting at the Congregational Church to find her long lost friend— the two hugged and kissed as we all basked in the mystery and synchronicity of our human lives. The only challenge was in getting us back on track for our original intent in meeting— which I can report DID happen!

Hoping to see many of you in summer classes…it is always a delightful and relaxed practice time.