In this second week of Summer Session, I am delving again into the subject of developing your own practice of yoga. Often this topic provokes guilt or disappointment, as students recognize their lack of initiative in practicing at home. If we can witness these reactions, and explore more openly, we may find just the right insight to help inspire a more fulfilling practice, especially if we are motivated by clear intention in WHY we do yoga! One important element in practice, is in its offering of relief, sanctuary and healing in our lives. In order to experience this, it is essential that we decide on our expectation of how much time we will spend that is reasonable within the context of all our other tasks and pleasures! I have recognized that many students receive benefit from just 10 or 15 minutes of practice, several times a week. As it turns out, major medical research studies bear out the truth that even practice short in duration can creat measureable change for an individual. Record your practice sessions in your calendar and conduct your own study to see  what difference your practice makes, physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as in your spirit!