There is a practice in yoga of “making an offering”, meaning that instead of simply applying ourselves, and gaining the fruits of our labor for ourselves, we imagine the efforts as a kind of gift or prayer dedicated to something besides ourselves. This might mean that as we begin our practice, and perhaps light a candle, we hold in our hearts and minds a situation or a being where there is suffering, and see our energy and efforts dedicated towards healing in relation to the distress. We can be metaphysical or not in relation to this idea. Perhaps our dedication, and the energy of our intention DOES truly and actually cause some change and bring relief. If we think not, is there still some good that comes from our compassionate thoughts and loving hearts? We might even just practice physically and dedicate our efforts to our own bodies that serve us so many times all day long, performing unsung miracles of beating hearts, breathing, thinking, and intricate physical exertion! If we lift our efforts of practice into the realm of seeing them as an “offering” perhaps we could feel inspired to practice with a different zeal and inner sense of purpose. Try working in this way in your practice, and witness the effects.