If you desire a practice, it will become yours; yoga practice on one’s own comes to those with deep desire for its many gifts. But to find that place of steady commitment, a steady place of practice will assist you tremendously in practicing regularly. While there are certainly examples of practitioners with luxurious surroundings for practice who still manage to avoid the mat, and those who practice diligently in the midst of a hallway or kitchen for lack of a seemingly more graceful place, the point really is to establish a place that ultimately by association calls you towards your practice. The more you return to that very place, modest or fancy, the more you build connection with the inner practice space. If you toss your mat down haphazardly, you have less of a chance of finding a rhythmical and steady relationship with practicing. If you have a place which can store your props, perhaps have an altar (if that calls to you), and become your sanctuary for practice, you will find that the physical space itself supports your solo practice. Hopefully when you walk into the studio where you take a class, there is a “groove” internally you notice awakening as you move into that space. And hopefully that grrove reminds you of things positive and inviting, even if sometimes challenging! Find a place at home, and be with yourself in your practice there consistently, and observe the connection that invites firmer ground for your practice.