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The Upanishads are ancient, Indian philosophical texts. This summer, Elizabeth shared an Upanishad which Carol Spano was kind enough to type up. You can download it in pdf form here or in word doc form here. Or you can just read below:

from “The Upanishads” Selections Translated by Alistair Shearer and Peter Russell, page 37.





The imperishable sounds, is the seed of all that exists.

The past, the present, the future-all are but the

unfolding of OM.

And whatever transcends the three realms of time,

that indeed is the flowering of OM.


This whole creation is ultimately brahman,

And the Self, this also is brahman.


This pure Self has four aspects:


The first is the waking state.

This is the experience of the reality common to

everyone, when the attention faces outwards,

enjoying the world in all its variety.


The second is experience of subjective worlds, such

as in dreaming.

Here the attention dwells within, charmed by the

mind’s subtler creations.


The third is deep sleep.

The mind rests, with awareness suspended.

This state beyond duality-from which the waves of

thinking emerge-is enjoyed by the enlightened

as an ocean of silence and bliss.


The fourth, say the wise, is the pure Self, alone.

Dwelling in the heart of all, It is the lord all, the

seer of all, the source and goal of all.

It is not outer awareness, It is not inner awareness,

nor is It a suspension of awareness.

It is not knowing, It is not unknowing, nor is It

knowingness itself.

It can neither be seen nor understood.

It cannot be given boundaries.

It is ineffable and beyond thought.

It is indefinable.

It is known only through becoming It.

It is the end of all activity, silent and unchanging,

the supreme good, one without a second.

It is the real Self.

It, above all, should be known.


This pure Self and OM are as one; and the different

aspects of the Self correspond to OM and its

constituent sounds, A-U-M.

Experience of the outer world corresponds to A,

the first sound.

This initiates action and achievement.

Whoever awakens to this acts in freedom and

achieves success.


Experience of the inner world corresponds to U,

the second sound.

This initiates upholding and unification.

Whoever awakens to this upholds the tradition of

knowledge and unifies the diversities of life.

Everything that arises speaks to him of brahman.


The state of dreamless sleep corresponds to M,

the third sound.

This initiates measurement and merging.

Whoever awakens to this merges with the world yet

has the measure of all things.


The pure Self alone, that which is indivisible, which

cannot be described, the supreme good, the one

without a second, that corresponds to the
wholeness of OM.

Whoever awakens to that becomes the Self.