A flow of people came and went throught the hours of the day yesterday, practicing, reflecting, exploring the labyrinth, making song, sharing a meal, and visiting together in the poignant glow of an autumn hued day at Turtle Haven. I was so touched by each person’s presence, and the warmth and interaction I sensed between and among people, some who knew one another, others meeting for the first time. The day culminated in Paul heartfully calling us to kirtan singing with his kind and open presence. Chris Boerneke brought a guitar and some drums, and we were guided in song by her as well, called towards divine sweetness through her lovely voice and presence! I went out on a limb and played a violin accompaniment to some of Paul’s poetry reading… a new freedom in spontaneity for me. I welcome input as to YOUR interest in community gathering, classes focussed on more than asana—- philosophy, singing, meditation, yoga in healing what ails us and so forth. Our path can be so broad, and so deep, holding and nourishing us beyond even the wondrous ways it can help us to sustain and uplift our physical selves.

A few words from Rabindranath Tagore’s volume entitled Stray Birds:
“These little thoughts are the rustle of leaves; they have their whisper of joy in my mind.”


(photo credit:http://www.portwallpaper.com/imgwal/autumn-leaves-light.jpg)