an exploration of voice, attention, heart and presence

Join us as we explore chanting through guided group practice

as a means of:

  • focusing attention
  • deepening embodied spiritual awareness
  • freeing the body from habitual attitudes and blocked energies



Sliding free: $50-$65. Some space available at reduced tuition for those in need; call for details.

To register, please mail your check, payable to Elizabeth Kerwin,

6551 Rutsatz Rd., Deming, WA 98244. Confirmation of registration will be by email.

A $20 administrative fee is applied to cancellations.

For more information, call Elizabeth at 360.303.3892

or email

About Darlene Franz, D.M.A.:

Darlene is a freelance oboist, music educator, singer and chant composter residing in Seattle, Washington. Her contemplative chants enhance retreats in Canada and the United States. She has contributed her musical gifts at a number of Cynthia Bourgeault’s Wisdom Schools.

I am delighted and grateful to report, [our recent Wisdom School] struck a new high water mark of subtlety and profundity, thanks largely to the inspired teaching brought by Darlene Franz and her inquiry into “Singing and Conscious Attention”. Not quite singing lessons, not quite mindfulness training, but a magical blend of both, it helped us all to relax, embody, chant more confidently and miscally, and cruise the updrafts of vibration (both personal and collective) ‘in which all things hold together.’ It was amazing to watch people get used to a different sort of attunement, not just of the mind, but of energy fields as well, and to watch the level of attention held by the group become finer and more sensitive.”

-Cynthia Bourgeault

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