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This coming Week, of January 2nd, I will teach my regular weekly shcedule of classes; please consider participating as 100% of donations collected will be offered up for food and water justice locally and internationally for Local Food Works, a grassroots organization in Whatcom County, and Mercy Corps International. For details, consult another entry on this same blog! This week is also an opportunity for anyone interested in trying a class to attend for free, donating as desired to the causes for food justice. Hope to see you and your friends soon!

The first week of 2012, I will offer any class free, to current students, as well as to others, who would like to try a class with me at 8Petals or Turtle Haven. If you are a current student, you can help by inviting current and new yoga students to attend these classes. For any who would like to partake in a class to begin the year nourishing not only themselves but others as well, there will be an opportunity to donate and all proceeds will go to the food justice organizations described below!

Proceeds will be put to work right here in Whatcom County with Localfoodworks, an organization that has projects designed and implemented to create inclusiveness in healthy local foods for all segments of society. You may read more below if interested!  Additionally, funds will be offered to Mercy Corp, also described below.

The Class Schedule for the week is the usual schedule:

Turtle Haven:

Tuesday: 9:45 Beginners and Intermediates
Wednesday: 5:15 Beginners
7:00 Intermediates


Monday: 5:15 pm Beginners

7:00 pm Intermediates

Thursday: 12 Noon Mixed Beginners and Intermediates

Be the Change | Mercy Corps is specifically for programs providing training for farmers, seeds and livestock, and clean water to people in need around the globe. The fundraising efforts will focus on clean food and healthy nourishment for people in our own community, and for people in other countries, to make an offering locally and globally!

Local Food Works is a grassroots organization that promotes food equity, self reliance, and sustainable living practices through the cultivation and sharing of knowledge, skills and resources in the foothills communities. We are an all-volunteer group and for the past four years have been moving beyond the “wouldn’t it be cool if…” stage to actually doing projects based on communal brainstorming sessions around cups of tea at kitchen tables.

Their projects include:

Assembling and distributing Liberty Garden Kits, over 200 each spring to four local food banks. Kits include a foothills-specific gardening basics booklet, seeds for 4 different types of open-pollinated veggies/tomatoes, and resources from Master Gardeners, etc.

Doing the same with Bean Teepee Kits, over 400 this year, that they give to all K-2nd graders at Acme, Harmony and Kendall Elementary. Kits include pole bean seeds, instructions for planting them and building a bean teepee trellis, and a short list of fun garden-related books that kids can read while they sit inside their bean teepees.

Collaborating with Mount Baker High School horticulture teacher and students to grow veggie and tomato starts for food bank clients–they give them the seeds and potting soil; they use their awesome greenhouse with automatic watering system, etc. to grow them out to starts.

Raised garden bed kits, 10 this year, provided to food bank clients who expressed interest in expanding their garden space and skills.

Share the Bounty campaign, where they coordinate and organize gardeners and small farmers to grow a little extra for the food banks; they offer to take turns picking up and delivering the produce.

Self-reliance/do it yourself workshops such as backyard beekeeping, seed saving, seed starting, garden problem-solving and planning, sauerkraut making, etc. More in the coming year!

Free Parking Downtown Starting Today!

Your holiday gift from the city of Bellingham has arrived early. Beginning today, Monday, the 12th of December, through Christmas, you do not need to pay for parking on-street or in the parkade!

After a Winter Break, classes will resume the week of January 2, 2012 with a special week of classes free of charge for potential new students. The classes will also be open to current students, and donations collected for both local and global causes! If there is someone whom you think might enjoy or could benefit from yoga classes, please let them know. Please check back here at the blog for more details in the next couple of weeks.

The new Winter Quarter 10 week session will begin the following week, the week of January 9th.

Also a reminder: Elizabeth is currently teaching regular classes through December 15th at 8Petals and at Turtle Haven. The week of the 19th, she will offer two Winter Solstice Candlelight Restorative classes.