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The Invocation to Patanjali – Youtube videos

For those wanting more of a chance to practice or listen to the chant – the invocation to Patanjali – that Elizabeth leads at the beginning of each class, here are a couple of choices from Youtube.

In this one there’s an American guy who pretty much walks you through what we do in the beginning of class, how to sit, how position your knees and hips, and then he chants aum three times and does the chant, very similarly to how Elizabeth does it, with sanskrit words scrolling across the screen.

In this one there are various colorful images and in a voiceover an Indian woman sings the chant. It’s very pretty to look at and her voice is pleasant and it’s a nice variant to experience.

Survival Prayer is the movie about that Elizabeth mentioned in the context of the outermost kosha, or the food body. In this film, Survival Prayer, about Haida Gwaii, the viewer sees the sacred attitudes that people can have toward their land, their food and their lives.

Here’s a link to a movie trailer on youtube:

The movie was made by a Bellinghamster and you can learn more about the movie and the moviemaker here:


Fellow Yogis – Michael Meade is an inspiring teacher and speaker on contemporary life, and I will be there having been deeply inspired by him and his work previously. Here’s the announcement on his visit to Bellingham:

“Fate is the story of our lives unfolding from within us. When life is fully lived fate functions more as an oracle needing interpretation than a pre-determined outcome. Shifting fate and finding the destiny within it is part of the art of truly living and of living truly.” by Michael Meade from his new book, Fate and Destiny
Facing Fate, Finding a Destiny
An evening presentation with author, mythologist and storyteller Michael Meade
Thursday, April 26th ~ 7 pm
Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship ~ 1207 Ellsworth St, Bellingham, WA 98225
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Proceeds support Voices of Youth and Intercultural Projects

According to ancient myths, each soul makes two agreements upon entering the world. The First Agreement binds the individual to a distinct destiny that becomes the soul’s great project in life. The second level of agreements entangles each person in the limitations of fate and responsibilities for family and community. While all second agreements can be renegotiated, the First Agreement is non-negotiable.

If a person doesn’t face their fate, they may never find their deep resources and natural gifts. If a person doesn’t risk their destiny, they’ll never know who they are intended to be. Fate and destiny are the two agreements the soul must make and the core issues we struggle with throughout our lives.

Join us for a surprising evening of poetry, stories and discussion—an exploration of identity and meaning, of purpose and passion, and wisdom and love.

Mosaic Multicultural Foundation
4218 1/2 SW Alaska, Suite H, Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 935-3665 (voice) / (206) 935-3612 (fax) /



Since we all know yoga is really meditation in action, sharing here this neat article about use of meditation in Brooklyn schools and for kids in trouble with the law.

The articles describes kids agitated by violence they’ve just seen:

“There was a brawl,” called Ian Alsopp, 18, shaking his head. “It went down. It went down.”Riding the subway after school, he said, he saw about 20 teenagers beat up another boy…“This is where you actually use this,” the instructor, Greg Snyder, told Mr. Alsopp. “Notice the thought. That’s fine. Notice the anxiety. Notice the fear. Use the meditation to focus your mind. Are you with me?”

Read the whole story here:

Community Day, originally scheduled for this coming Sunday, April 22nd, will eventually be rescheduled! Thanks for your understanding, and hope you will have a lovely Earth Day celebration.

A Photographic Exploration of Yoga Poses

For home practice, it’s very useful to use the yoga sequence practice sheets here. For those wanting to think about and explore more poses between classes, there is a blog called Yoga Art and Science that has a kind of yoga pose photographic encyclopedia here. The person who writes this blog is very much Iyengar-based (though he has other influences) and so much of what he writes will be familiar.