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Summer Quarter: Foundational Asanas and Pranayama

“I breathe in the soft, saturated exhalations of cedar trees and salmonberry bushes, fireweed and wood fern, marsh hawks and meadow voles, marten and harbor seal and blacktail deer. I breathe in the same particles of air that made songs in the throats of hermit thrushes and gave voices to humpback whales, the same particles of air that lifted the wings of bald eagles and buzzed in the flight of hummingbirds, the same particles of air that rushed over the sea in storms, whirled in high mountain snows, whistled across the poles, and whispered through lush equatorial gardens, air that has passed continually through life on earth. I breathe it in, pass it on, share it in equal measure with billions of other living things, endlessly, infinitely.” 

― Richard NelsonThe Island Within


Dear Friends,

Summer classes begin this Monday, July 2, and I look forward to a quarter where in addition to having the asanas as the foundational practice, I will include a focal point of the breath in each class, in a practical sense,  and in the larger meaning of attending to it more consciously! The breath profoundly connects us with all life throughout time, as intimated in the beautiful quote from Richard Nelson I have included here. Once when Andrew Weil, an internationally know physician bridging allopathic and alternative medicine, was asked how to deal with the high cost of supplements, he answered that if people would simply practice beathing exercises, they could address health problems with great effectiveness and without spending money. Pranayama is the classical and formal term in yoga for working with the breath, and it means regulating one’s life force, one’s breathing.

Many of us consider energy and our use of the planet’s resources and our individual access to them as a central focal point of our lives and our time.  In light of this, the practice of pranayama, and even the simplest of breathing exercises, is a highly compelling practice!

I hope to practice with you in these coming summer months, and hope this time will bring radiance and vitality to all of us.

With warmth and gratitude, Elizabeth

Our own Kelly – student in various classes with Elizabeth and also assistant and apprentice – is in India on her own yogic journey, possibly even to meet Mr. Iyengar! Kelly is writing a blog about her travels that you can find here or by clicking on the picture of Kelly to the left. So far it doesn’t look like she has set up a way to subscribe to the blog, but when she does, we’ll let you know that too.

UPDATE: Kelly left a comment saying “You can subscribe to my (kelly’s)post by going to my blog, scroll down to the bottom of the post and click subscribe. Today, i was accepted into upstairs class at Ramamani Memorial Yoga Institute for daily classes!! Not an easy task, thank u to all supporters!”

Also: a schedule reminder: SUMMER QUARTER BEGINS ON MONDAY!!

Remember, there are no classes this upcoming week of June 25th- June 29th.

Summer Session begins the following week on July 2nd. Remember, there are no classes on the July 4th holiday (Wednesday) at Turtle Haven as originally scheduled.

For the summer flyer with dates and prices go here.

To see Elizabeth’s Google calendar go here.

Inner Yoga: Selected Writings of Sri Anirvan

This book explores the meditative aspects of yoga. It might be of particular interest if you are experimenting with or beginning to think about sitting meditation. Written by Sri Anirvan, who was a monk, scholar and philosopher, this book includes the meditation: breathing the vastness of the sky in on the in-breath and breathing oneself out into that vast sky on the out-breath. This book is not at the Bellingham Public Library unfortunately, but you can order it through Village Books here.

Summer Quarter Schedule!

Here is the summer quarter schedule – hot off the press! Classes run July 2nd to September 19th. For full details see the image above or click on it to get a printable pdf!

Also, as always, classes are posted by date on Elizabeth’s google calendar here!

As originally scheduled, there are no classes with Elizabeth this week at 8 Petals or Turtle Haven.

Instead, this is a perfect week to begin, enjoy or deepen your home practice!

Some helpful posts on home practice are here, here, here and here.

See you next week!