Our next Deepening Yoga class on November 10th will focus on the first ten sutras in the second book of the Yoga Sutras; Patanjali presents Kriya Yoga and the Kleshas in this important section. Specifically we will look at what Patanjali presents as the root of human suffering, the “ignorance” which clouds our consciousness. Discussion will include consideration of accurate understanding of these sutras, and applicability towards everyday life! Please bring your thoughts and questions. You may find sutra books at local libraries, and also the sutras are online in various translations and interpretations! Our gathering will include reflection, guided meditation and pranayama, as well as a bit of restorative asana. Please come and share in a community yoga experience. If you are not able to afford tuition, please call or email for more information.

I am providing here some interpretation of the kleshas from Judith Lasater, a well known teacher from the Bay Area. This may spark you own reflection on the kleshas— please bring sutra books if you have them. You can download it as a word (docx) file here as or see it as a webpage here.