Dear Friends,

Only a week ago, I sent an email with at the description for the class to initiate the Spring Quarter Deepening Yoga series; after some deeper contemplation of my own, I decided to postpone teaching this class until May 4th, with a change in timing for those who will move on to the SPECIES PARADE AT 4pm. This parade is a wonderful event, in case you have missed it in the past! Our Feeling Yogi class will now be from noon until 3pm.

I am including here once again the description of the class. I hope this will still work for those who had committed to coming this past Saturday, and that it may open the possibility for others who needed more time to consider, or were interested but unavailable! Please pre-register by sending a $20 deposit to me at 6551 Rutsatz Road Deming, WA 98244. I am excited for the coming together on May 4th of all those feeling yogis who are called to be present!

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, or to tell others of this opportunity.

Warm greetings and blessings of Spring renewal, Elizabeth


The Feeling Yogi: Emotions, Svadyaya or Self Reflection, and the Practice of Yoga

Our emotional natures have a place within practice, though there is not much guidance directly offered in the classical yoga scriptures suggesting how we might utilize our feeling selves within the inner search that is at the heart of the journey. We will honor the emotional dimension, and consider fruitful approaches to working with the gifts of our feeling selves, especially as this emerges within our practice in class, or on our own. We will practice asana, pranayama, and meditation geared towards soothing our emotional bodies, based on a practice sequence offered by BKS Iyengar in his book Light on Life. Please bring an image or altar object that reflects something of your emotional relationship with your practice of yoga.

The tuition will be $30 to $45 for the class; please inquire about bartering if you need to pay less. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions in advance via email or phone.