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ImagePlease join me this coming saturday, October 5th from 1 to 2:30 pm for hip opening poses for daily ease in all the activities of life; for those curious about sitting meditation as integral to a full yoga practice, please come also for some sitting instruction and practice, followed by yoga nidra, the deep and wonderful practice of profound savasana, where the practice takes on a depth and expansiveness that has been clinically shown to reduce stress related ailments of all varieties. Rather than practicing an ordinary 5 to 15 minute savasana, you will be guided into a practice of savasana that takes you into new expansive realms of relaxation and stillness. Please preregister by making a $10 deposit for each class. Call or email with questions!


Gateway to Grace in Movement: Hip Openers    1 to 2:30 pm  $15 to $20 Sliding Fee
Meditation, and Long, Deep Savasana as Autumn Tonic   2:45 pm to 4:15 pm  $15 to $20 Sliding Fee

Pausing in My Feasting

Through sustained focus and meditation on our patterns, habits, and conditioning, we gain knowledge and understanding of our past and of how we can change the patterns that aren’t serving us to live more freely and fully.

—Yoga Sutra III.18

I am taking a break between summer and fall quarters, catching up on many tasks, and beginning the week with a fast that started sunday evening after dinner, and will be broken wednesday morning. As I write, I am liberated of food preparation, clean up, my following of impulses of hunger; I am left with a life that has a spaciousness, and a freedom from habit. Not to glorify the fasting experience, I am also aware of hunger, and a bit of weakness and spaciness. I am subsisting on lemon water and some green tea. My yoga practice is finding a mild groove of restoratives and pranayama, and walks are slow and easy. I think at times we forget that yoga is really all about breaking out of our habitual ways of seeing oursleves and the world, and then behaving along those lines. Giving up eating for a short time has a radical cleansing effect that is health giving on the physical plane. It is helpful also in shaking up the ground of me, to see where I have continued with the status quo, and been unwilling to shake up my life in ways that would be fruitful. No pun intended. Image

Pull back the curtain and welcome...

Please join us for a talk on Friday evening, September 27th, and a Bollywood dance class on Saturday the 28th in the afternoon, followed by a dance to celebrate the love and brilliance of the Maher model of healing that works through the assistance of many loving hearts, helping hands, and a spiritual backbone of depth and breadth, within a deeply inclusive community. The dancing is for all ages, and is in the spirit of celebration and fun, so please join in!