Below please find the schedule for the remaining classes I will teach after the fall quarter, which officially ends on December 12th. Please complete all makeup classes by this date! Pre-register for any of the intersession classes by sending a check for the full amount to Elizabeth Kerwin 214 North Commercial Street, Suite #300, Bellingham WA 98225. Please feel free to contact me with any questions! 


December 15th, 2013 AT TURTLE HAVEN in DEMING!

Lighting the Inner Lantern: Yoga for Deepening Inward

For the darker days of the year, when we have released planting in the vibrant outer garden, we have a significant moment to seed as well as to nourish established practices that aid us in finding our way into the inner sanctuaries of ourselves. These practices of breathwork and meditation, as well as restorative asana truly help us always, in every season, and yet the darker days of winter are ideal for establishing our footing in them, as deep stillness is more present in nature at this time. Our practice will include several elements. You may partake of any or all of them, as we meet up for a special time at Turtle Haven.


10:30am til 12noon: Participate in a ceremony at the Patanjali shrine, read the Yoga Sutras in community, and explore one of the Yamas or Niyamas to be a meaningful reference and practice for yourself in the coming year,  envisioning a path for renewal in relation to your chosen Yama or Niyama in the year ahead. The Yamas are the “Great Vow” of yoga, and include: Nonharming, Truthfulness, Right Use of Energy, Nonstealing, and Noncovetousness. The Niyamas, the “Inner Covenant” of yoga, includes practices of Purification, Inner and Outer, Contentment, Discipline, Self Study, and Devotion. Sliding fee: $10 to $15


12:30 pm Community potluck and discussion of an essay by Ravi Ravindra, May I be Blessed into Usefulness found in the back of Ravi’s Sutra book or through me! The essay begins, “The real obstacle on any spiritual path is the passivity of attention, in our own lives and towards our lives….” FREE with acceptance of donations for Maher Ashram or Bellur projects

2:00 to 4:00 pm: Yoga practices for the inner garden, including restoratives, pranayama and meditation. Sliding Fee: $20 to $30


WEEK OF DECEMBER 16th: Special Topics. ALL CLASSES Sliding Fee, $10 to $20 for 90 minute classes; $15 to $30 for 120 minute classes

MONDAY, 12/16: 8Petals Yoga

 5:15  to 6:30 pm  Yoga for Back Care: General asanas and pranayama to assist with releasing back tension, as well as healing back ailments.

 6:45pm  to 8:45 pm  Yoga to Alleviate Anxiety and Depression


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17 at Turtle Haven

9:45 to 11:15  Hip Openers and Deep Savasana, or “Yoga Nidra”


WEDNESDAY, December 18th at Turtle Haven, 6:15 to 7:45 pm:

 Immune System Nourishment: Gentle Tonic in Asana and Pranayama  


THURSDAY, December 19th  12 to 2pm  at 8Petals:

Yoga to Alleviate Anxiety and Depression