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ImagePoised and ready for the light’s return, in all its myriad forms, I am bringing up this image of color and vibrancy from a ritual that took place at Turtle Haven as I recall the vividness that returns with more light, while looking out at the wintry beauty of the snow graced world of Turtle Haven at this moment. I thought I would also take this moment to say that classes will begin again the Week of January 6th. I will be teaching all the usual classes, with the exception of teaching only the 5:15 regular asana class monday nights at 8Petals I will be teaching in the 7pm time frame specialty classes on yoga, for those interested in the “spiritual roots” of the tradition, contemporary applications in our own lives, and yoga as  the practice in many forms, can be incorporated as a healing agent in specific ways in our lives. These classes will sometimes be singular offerings, and at other times a series. The details will follow, as I live into this new direction. In the meanwhile, there have been students quite regularly partaking in the 7 pm class, and I regret not having that possibility live on; however, I am finding that as I move into the middle of my 50’s, it is time to be even clearer about honing intentions and living them. I have such deep appreciation for the longevity of so many of my connections with students, and this has sometimes served as a hindrance in my shifting in a direction I am called. Please know that I regret any disappointment caused by my transition in schedule. I will post the winter schedule shortly, and welcome any and all inquiries and registrations. I am offering a David Whyte poem that came to me today, its simplicity a beautiful reminder to stay with each moment of savoring the stillness and light of this season:

Sometimes, you need the ocean light,

and colors you’ve never seen before

painted through an evening sky.


Sometimes you need your God

to be a simple invitation,

not a telling word of wisdom.


Sometimes you need only the first shyness

that comes from being shown things

far beyond your understanding,


so that you can fly and become free

by being still and by being still here.


susie's candleHere is a schedule abbreviated and clarified for classes December 15th through 19th, at 8Petals and Turtle Haven! Let me know which classes you plan to attend. May the light of the season bring you peace….

December 15, 1-4 pm at TURTLE HAVEN: Join with others in study, reflection and practice.  In community, we will practice “innermost” yoga in reclined pranayama, deeper savasana, and an exchange on ahimsa, nonviolence. Ravi Ravindra has an article, “Ahimsa, Transformation and Ecology,” which can be found in the article section of his website, If you would like some stimulation for your own thoughts on ahimsa, this could be an interesting starting point! Also refer to yoga sutras on ahimsa in Book II of whatever version of the sutras you have. Our conversation will help us deepen in practices of nonharming in the web of our relationships with ourselves and all beings, as well as the earth. SLIDING FEE: $20 to $40
December 16, 6-8 pm at 8PETALS: Yoga for Anxious and Depressed States  SLIDING FEE: $20 to $30
December 17, 9:45-11:15 am at TURTLE HAVEN: Hip Openers and Deep Relaxation, or Yoga Nidra 
SLIDING FEE $15 to $20
December 18th: 5:15-6:45 pm at TURTLE HAVENHip Openers and Deep Relaxation or Yoga Nidra 
SLIDING FEE: $15 to $20
December 19, 12-1:30 pm at 8PETALS: Hip Openers and Deep Relaxation or Yoga Nidra 
SLIDING FEE $15 to $20