I just wanted to see if I could entice some of you to consider joining with Pass the Hat, an amazing local organization, collecting small amounts of money from many individuals, in order to do much good in our community. Here is the email I just got from them– see if you are inspired! Here too is the link to the website: http://www.pass-the-hat.org


Pass the Hat
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Give so much, with so little.

Greetings contributors! Amy here!

I’m so excited to be writing my first Pass The Hat newsletter. We have been working diligently these past few weeks to complete my transition into this amazing team, and lots has been happening. Perhaps you’ve seen emails go out asking you to check your contribution status, and many of you realized that your expired cards were not contributing. THANK YOU for taking the time to sign back up! It’s so easy to do. If you don’t know if you’re still contributing, shoot us an email or call to find out! Your $2 is so important.

Your monthly contributions are making a difference for Whatcom County families facing tragedy. We’ve been busy, making a lot of things happen and helping many situations. During the last several months, your contributions have helped towards:
Funeral expenses for a Whatcom County woman who passed away suddenly in her home.
Funeral expenses for a young Whatcom County man who took his own life.
Final arrangements for an infant who passed away.

Funeral costs for the family of a young husband who died in a tragic accident at his home.

Pass The Hat continues to do great things, but we could do more with more contributors. The need is out there. Forward this email to all of your Whatcom County friends and inspire them to sign up. Each and every contributor is amazing, and we thank you! Share this newsletter with your friends and family, and ask them to consider become a philanthropist alongside you. You already know how amazing it feels; share our mission so your loved ones can feel amazing, too!

For the next few months, we’d like to focus on finding local businesses who we can bring on board with our Business Matching Program. Do you own or work for a local business? Call us to find out how you can sign up to match employee contributions. Your company can become a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Level Community Partner! Contact us to find out how, we’d love to add you business name and logo to our Community Partner page!

With many thanks and gratitude,
Amy Woodward
Executive Director, Pass The Hat
Pass The Hat