The days of winter lightly shroud Turtle Haven in snow, as I contemplate a year gone by and another about to unfold; my schedule will be altered this winter, with Louise Smith teaching the 12 noon Thursday class at 8Petals. These days continue to find me most interested in finding more time for exploring deeply within myself, and with others. As much as I have cherished all my many years of teaching multiple asana classes, I will be reorganizing to make room for teaching with my partner Jillian in new ways, and deepening in my own time for study and reflection. Additionally my psychotherapy work and practice continue to blossom in compelling ways I am drawn to follow. Now, suddenly, as I write these words, the house rattles with an earthquake! Quite a noteworthy and embodied marking of the shifts that take place inside and outside, and the need to follow the intimations leading us towards change, rather than resistance. In the Yoga Sutras, I have long been called to witness the meaning in my life of Abhinivesha Klesha. It is a sutra describing the particular universal human suffering of “clinging to life.” Ravi Ravindra has a wonderful iteration of this he terms “clinging to the status quo.” I have had such joy and nourishment on all levels in teaching, that it has been most challenging to listen to, and then FOLLOW the ever evolving direction of my work, as in order to do that, I must let go of part of what I have loved so well. But there is no point in studying and teaching ANY spiritual philosophy, if I am unable to explore and actualize its wisdom in the context of my own existence! I am grateful to be discovering a way that keeps me on my teaching path, and yet allows for explorations in the other realms of my worldly work.  I will continue with the Monday 5:30 pm 8Petals class, as well as the Turtle Haven classes, Tuesdays at 9:45 am and Wednesdays at 5:45 pm. A flyer will be sent by email this week. CLASSES BEGIN THE WEEK OF JANUARY 11TH. Stay tuned for other offerings, and may your coming year unfold with the grace of moving with the changes to which you are called!