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We have imagined this offering for several years, and at last find ourselves ready for flight!

Below you will find our flyer (no pun intended) for a circle that will meet on two Saturdays, and three Tuesday evenings over several months time at Turtle Haven, with an intention to support people in generating and sustaining meaningful and authentic spiritual inquiry and practice individually and in community.

On a beautiful, slow morning this past week, we engaged in our own joint daily morning practice and contemplation, when a “distraction” of great beauty and inspiration ensued. A mature eagle perched atop a tree branch at a visible gateway to the Nooksack first called to us. We noticed then a repeated rhythm of fluttering wings at river level, as several mottled young eagles flew up and then back down to the ground in a thrilling ongoing “dance” of wings. At that moment we felt the signal to at last follow the call to formulate this offering and set in motion the movement towards this circle’s formation!


A Flutter of Wings: Collective Spiritual Inquiry and Practice provides an opportunity for individuals to be inspired individually and in community to move towards a daily, authentic and meaningful spiritual practice while nourishing our deep yearnings as humans for connection with the innermost and all beings. While this longing can be powerful for certain ones of us, it can be challenging to find sustained, nourishing and meaningful continuity on a path. This circle will assist participants in finding their way towards creating this gratifying path of active, engaged and rooted spiritual practice and expression.

We have been reading of the next couple of years being an auspicious time to consciously pursue the marriage of the spiritual and the worldly, what some call “visionary and sacred activism.” We will structure this offering with integrated awareness of each one’s call to align with true “vocation” while energizing courage and commitment to deeply listen and take action.

Do let us know if you have any questions beyond the information in this flyer that includes registration details. If you have difficulty reading the information on the flyer, here it is…

communion of the contemplative and the active…the body and the soul mutual discovery and support for establishing one’s own authentic, generative path of committed spiritual practice while moving one’s daily life towards compassionate contribution and engagement with self, other and the greater community

inspirational readings
creative expression and ritual for self reflection
the way of council
relaxation, prayer & meditation practices
weekly peer support
guidance from the natural world
Saturdays, March 5 and June 4, 1o am to 4 pm and Tuesdays, March 22, April 12 and May 3, 6 to 8:30 pm at Turtle Haven Sanctuary in Deming, WA

Tuition: $465 received by February 5, 2016; $495 February 6 and after. 12 participants maximum. Payment plans and partial exchange of goods or services are possible; please inquire. To register, please send full tuition or a deposit of $150 payable to Elizabeth Kerwin, 6551 Rutsatz Road, Deming, WA 98244.

For more information:;; 360.319.8704

Please sign up for the blog to generally tune in to happenings at Turtle Haven. If you are moved to share this particular offering with others who may be called, we welcome this expansion of the outreach web.

May this season of New Beginnings bring you inspiration and hope,

Elizabeth and Jillian