Dear Friends,

If you are coming to Turtle Haven in coming days, there may be delays on the road, due to some shoring up of the river back! Please allow extra time just in case….. as I write this, I remember Thich Nhat Hanh, the well known Buddhist meditation master, teaching to modern folks the idea of utilizing what could feel like obstruction, as a time to be quiet and  at ease, and practice mindfulness–  I am not always able to do this, but I think it is more than a worthwhile practice.  As we wait, we simply breathe, and recite the simple words below: “I am breathing in,” and then,” breathing out.” Here is a brief selection from one of his talks:
I know that summer vacation is a season when people drive a lot, when there are a lot of accidents and traffic jams. It may not be at all pleasant to drive, but if you know how to practice …. “I am breathing in, breathing out,” then the moment becomes pleasant and you will not get nervous because of the traffic jams. When you come to a red light, you might wish that the red light would change as quickly as possible, so that you can continue to drive. You are very eager to arrive, and I don’t understand why. It seems that you think that only at the point of arrival will there be peace and happiness, and I am not very sure about that. 

As a Turtle Haven resident, I will likely have much more opportunity to practice than you! For those of you who will have the opportunity, perhaps we can swap stories of our practice in our vehicles. I look forward!