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Sutra for Week of July 25th

Greetings! If you are following along with the Yoga Sutra study this summer, take some time reading 1:35. I have been reading many versions, and find a greater variance of translation and interpretation than for many of the Sutras, so it is most useful to read several versions, and see what you understand– particularly as you ground it within your own experience.


Summer Sutra Study

The Tuesday morning class this summer will have a longer class, to delve a little bit more deeply into yoga sutra study, longer savasana and breathing practices; so that students may look at the sutras in advance, I am posting here the one we will especially consider for the next week– this time the week of the 18th! In the other classes, Monday evening and Wednesday evening the same sutra that is Tuesday’s focal point will be considered…. so despite the lack of extra time in these classes, students may still wish to preview and relect upon the week’s sutra!

For the week of the 18th, we will consider Sutra 1-33 in Samadhi Pada, Book 1.