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Maher Event:Tickets at Co-op!

Our time with Sister Lucy, Gaus and Mangesh draws near! On September 24th, we will be offering a Bollywood dance class  as a joy filled fundraiser at Presence Studio, from 1:45 pm to 3:45 pm, details of enrollment and cost to follow!

Our dinner and celebration catered with delicious Simmering Tava prepared Indian food will be held at the YWCA ballroom on the 24th, and start with appetizers at 5:30pm. Dinner, talks and conversation with Sister Lucy, Gaus and Mangesh will follow. It has been profoundly moving to witness the people from Maher speak of their experiences in the environmentally and socially conscious, interspiritual and loving atmosphere of Maher. We hope you will attend. Tickets are currently available at the downtown Food Coop and soon to be available at the Cordata location.The cost per ticket is $55. Last year our tickets for the Ciaothyme event sold out quickly! Please come with your friends and family for this special event, on the heels of Sister Lucy’s having been awarded the Mother Teresa prize in India.

On another related note, please consider volunteering time to help with our event, or underwriting part of this event that honors the bold, progressive, and beautiful endeavor of Maher community. All dinner proceeds beyond cost, which is over $25 per person for catering and space rental, will be offered to Maher. If anyone wishes to underwrite costs of rental of the space or catering costs, we will be able to raise more funds! Thanks so much for considering. To explore possibilities, please contact Elizabeth at or call 360-303-3892.




Sister Lucy News: Bellingham Visit, and Award in India!

SAVE THE DATE! Sr. Lucy will be in Bellingham on Saturday, September 24th. Gaus and Mangesh, another Maher stellar student, will teach a Bollywood Dance class that afternoon at Presence followed by a dinner catered by Simmering Tava at the YWCA. Tickets will soon be available at the Community Food Coops. Volunteers and donors are always welcome! Please stay tuned for details.

Sister Lucy is receiving the Mother Teresa award in India on September 1st! We have often likened her work to that of Mother Teresa, and feel deeply grateful for this next acknowledgement of Sister Lucy’s compassionate life of service.


If you wish to reflect on Yoga Sutras for this coming week, please read THREE, Sutras 1-37 through 1-39.


Yoga Sutra for the Week of August 8th

For those who like to prepare, our sutra focus will be 1-36:

Concentration may also be attained by fixing the mind upon Inner Light, which is beyond sorrow

This translation if from Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, from How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali.  Explore various versions of 1-36, and bring your own reflections to class if you feel moved!