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Sister Lucy, as well as two wondrous young men who grew up in the Maher community will be here in our community September 24th. Tickets for a delicious Simmering Tava catered Indian dinner are currently for sale at both Food Coops. Purchase now to avoid disappointment! Last year our tickets sold out. There will be a Bollywood dance class at Presence Studio on the afternoon of the 24th, 1:45 to 3:45, with no advance sign up. Please come and share in community, joyful dance and play, powerful inspiration and delicious food in support of the visionary work of Sister Lucy!




The Tuesday morning class at Turtle Haven, which begins on the 20th of September will be from 9:45 to 11:15 am each week. The summer two hour class shifts back to a 1.5 hour class, as the fall quarter begins. I posted the incorrect information in yesterday’s blog post. Thanks for your understanding!


Yoga Classes

Having just emerged from a 15 day journey along the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon via raft and paddle boats and the occasional swim or inflatable kayak, I have greater perspective and a sense of relaxation that has caused me to be out of my usual mode of being “on top of things.” Please forgive my tardiness in publishing a Fall schedule, for which I will not even have a flyer! I  am at last committing to my Fall schedule of classes, with an announcement here that this season and beyond I will be teaching only at Turtle Haven, in the sanctuary and peace of our home studio. After much deliberation, and in harmony with my inner and ongoing quest to simplify, I am releasing my Bellingham teaching, and 8Petals Studio. Susan Donofrio and others will continue to offer classes at the lovely downtown Bellingham studio! I will miss my “city”students, and yet know that I am following an important path of inner guidance in making the decision. I am more than happy to make suggestions for teachers and classes in Bellingham, for those requesting input.

I will be teaching Tuesday mornings at 9:45 am to 11:45 am, and  on Wednesday evenings 5:45pm to 7:15pm, beginning the week of September 19th. Please send a deposit of $25 to: Elizabeth Kerwin 214 N. Commercial Street, Suite #300, Bellingham, Washington 98225 indicating which class you will attend! Contact me at elizabethkerwinyoga@gmail, or call 360-303-3892 with any questions. Classes will continue to be $120 to $135 for the quarter.