Greetings Friends! I have been on a marvelous journey in the South of France and in Ireland for nearly a month, and am on the verge of traveling homeward. As can often be the case, little bits of “the word from home” travel my way in a glimpsed email or two, and I am aware that there may be confusion regarding schedule. The classes for Spring will culminate this coming week, that of the 19th, with restorative classes I will teach, full of gratitude for the continuity of study and practice that has been carried by Constance and Charlotte in my absence. Tuesday June 20th, and Wednesday June 21st will be the last classes of the Spring quarter, and then classes for summer will begin after we have sailed through the 4th of July holiday, beginning the week of July 10th. For this moment I share this portal of light from a megalithic site, one of many we visited in Ireland, as I look forward to reuniting with my Whatcom county life, and all its many blessings. IMG_1533