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Stillpoint Offering

Here is what appears to be a lovely offering at Stillpoint! Please register or ask questions according to instructions on the flier.Nov.camino_divina

Sister Lucy: This Coming Saturday Night!

We now eagerly anticipate Sister Lucy’s arrival later this week, and for anyone interested in reading a bit about her remarkable work, please have a look at this article! It would be inspiring and joyful to share Sister Lucy’s presence with you, and to join together in raising funds for promoting compassionate action in this world, as well as to enjoy delicious Indian food, Kevin Murphy’s poetry, Indian dance, and the joy of community! Maher Indian Dinner 2018 flier-page-001

Parking for Benefit/Ravi’s Talk

If you are attending tonight, and the BUF lot is full, here is information from  the BUF website on parking options, which seem plentiful! Hope to see you there!

Where do we park?
We own a small parking lot across the street from our main entrance.  On Sundays, you may park in the North Coast Credit Union lot just south of us on Ellsworth.  On Sundays, and in the evening, you can park in the Bellingham School District lot off Ellsworth to the north of BUF.
Please do NOT park in the lot behind BUF near the lower-level entrance to the social hall.
IMG_0939 (1)


Sister Lucy: October 27th

Please consider joining us in community to celebrate kindness, caring, generative living, loving the earth, and joyful and practical expression of the best of the human spirit! Sister Lucy will be here from Maher on October 27th. Tickets are available at both Bellingham Food Coops, and we would love to share this special time with you!

Maher Indian Dinner 2018 flier-page-001