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Yes to Yoga 2/27/19

There is light snow and rain in the forecast for this afternoon and evening. There is still some snow and ice on the gravel road and pathway here. We have plowed and shoveled, and done a bit of salting, but conditions continue to hold some challenge. All this in the spirit of sharing information. I will hold class for all who can make it, as we are already two classes behind schedule, and also there is no precipitation as of this time, and we all know the fallibility of weather forecasts! I hope to see many of you here this evening, but only of course if you feel safe in coming! Thanks for your understanding, Elizabeth


Kirtan: Shantala This Friday

Shantala in Bham 2019 FLYER v3


We will have class tomorrow, but I am letting everyone know that the gravel road continues to have compact snow and ice; additionally, temperatures have not warmed sufficiently for all pathways from parking areas to studio to be easily navigated, so PLEASE PROCEED WITH MINDFUL CAUTION! Look around, and find the easiest way to get safely from the parking areas to the studio. I look forward to practicing with you.


Spring Offering with Liz Migliorelli

sap rising deming-page-001

Snow on Roadway: Yes to Class!

Please note: I just arrived home, and I am disappointed to report that the gravel road is a bit of a challenge, due to snow and slush. I was in a VW with snow tires, and had to drive slowly and carefully. Please exercise caution in your driving, and leave extra time for extra mindfulness! Hope to see all who venture out this evening for yoga class; makeup classes for the two weeks prior to this to be announced soon!


Updates on Road

Last night late the conditions had changed a bit on Rutsatz, and our smaller road, with more snow having fallen while we were out for the evening. Driving our Forester, there was no problem, as long as we went a little bit slower than usual! My intention is to teach this evening’s class, unless there is a significant new development. I am heading into town this morning in our VW, which will provide an opportunity to see how a car with just snow tires and front wheel drive fares! I look forward to class, and will only post again here if there is a newsworthy post.



Yoga Classes Once Again!

Greetings Friends!
I returned yesterday late afternoon from Death Valley, and classes will resume tomorrow. The gravel road back to Turtle Haven has packed snow and ice, so please leave extra time for your trip here; it seems entirely navigable, but requiring extra attentive driving. I look forward to reuniting!  Make up classes to be announced soon.

Elizabeth will keep you posted re: makeup sessions upon her return.
In the meanwhile, wishing you snow globe magic during this winter wonderland event!

Love from Jillian while tending the home fires

Winter Wonderland and icy roads

Greetings to yoga students who meet at Turtle Haven.  I just figured out how to access Elizabeth’s blog!  Constance was here this morning to teach, and Frances and I enjoyed the “private” class!  We all decided that the road will be too slick for nighttime driving, so the Wednesday evening class is now officially cancelled.

Constance will keep me posted about next week, as we all see what’s in store from the heavens and on earth.  Wishing you a safe and sunfilled day from this Winter Wonderland.

Blessings of peace,