Greetings! I am sending out this blog entry, hoping you will offer a response VIA EMAIL:

I held classes last week, and may well hold them this week, depending upon input; many expressed gratitude for the option to attend. My very first priority which I know we all share, is maintenance of good health, and responsibility towards the community at large, especially those most vulnerable.

Please inform me as to whether you would likely attend class this week, where I will be asking you to join me in utilizing the following safety measures. In addition to this abbreviated list, I will be adding to my blog an email letter Jillian and I are sending out to all clients who will be coming to Turtle Haven in coming days with further details.

1. All students will bring their own mats, and sanitize hands before entering the studio. Classes will be taught with no hands on adjutments, and minimal props. Please bring your own belt, and a blanket, and blocks as well.

2. Clearly social distancing (6 feet is the suggested distance) is to be practiced in greeting one another.

3. Bathroom and studio are equipped with sanitizing wipes, soap and water, and hand sanitizer. We will as a community be sanitizing door handles, toilet seat, sink area etc several times a day. We can all participate rigorously in these practices. Details will be included in the next post.

4. Maybe needless to say, but erring on the conservative side, please if you have any illness at all, practice at home!

I am so grateful for your presence in the Turtle Haven community, and hope that you are cultivating and strengthening  a refuge of peace and well being within, as we discover the ways to help ourselves and one another in a challenging time; and as we discover the deeper layers of meaning in this particular teaching which is certainly asking for deep inquiry and conscious attention to how we individually and collectively live in our precious communities, and in relation to our sacred earth.

I highly recommend working with the irest Yoga Nidra practices, for calm and for enhancing immunity; here is a link for free practices to do at home!