Monday morning has arrived, and it is now clear to me that despite my desire to find a safe way to offer class for this time, out of a sense of community obligation I need to cancel all remaining yoga classes for this quarter. These last two weeks of the quarter, which were originally make up classes for Winter Quarter will not be held, as we all discover the best practices for alleviating as much suffering as possible, caused by the presence of this virus. Containment strategies seem to be part of the answer.

While I am saddened as I shift away from our community gatherings for practice, I  trust that each person understands the need for us all of us to protect ourselves, and all those most vulnerable. We will already be experiencing much fallout on many levels from this pandemic, and I am called to be on the side of deep vigilance, as the situation unfolds. May each find the way to practice independently, to utilize what has been gathered as we have met together in class, and to perhaps at last practice with the books which may already be on our shelves, and to use readily available online resources. For me there is no substitute for being preciously together in physical space; but the time and the virus are calling us to another path at present, which paradoxically invites more solitude, and at the same time more awareness of our profoundly and inextricably intertwined lives!

I will post regularly with updates as to when we might once again gather together, in renewed appreciation for the learning, the holding and the nurturance of practice in embodied community.


The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another. ~ Thomas Merton

The photograph captures the Patañjali shrine sculpture created by Tim Lucy, and an offering left by an unknown person!