Had it not been for the pandemic, we had planned to have Sister Lucy in our midst this coming May! And beyond that, Jillian and I were in conversation, and in the actual planning stages for creating an onsite film in India featuring the various manifestations of healing brought to life at Maher in many locations within India, that feed literally and soulfully, many individuals who might otherwise be lost or dying in poverty on all levels. Our friend Bodi Hallett who is a photographer, film maker and web designer enthusiastically visioned with us and Sister Lucy via Skype, for a journey which would have landed us in India in December.

As with so much of our planning collectively and individually, the vision is at least postponed. As I say and hear so much these days, we have little idea of what the next chapters hold.

Our film was intended to offer a vivid rendering of a community that holds and lives out many principles we hold dear around justice, compassion, interspiritual faith, and profound holding of earth with deep care and stewardship. One of our lessons at present is lived experiences of of how truly inseparable we are, how all of our actions and lives are interconnected. Maher has been living within this paradigm for decades, and needs support at present.

India’s government generally does not have social programs to care for those in the margins. Sister Lucy and Maher offer a privately funded solution in the face of this gap. Who funds Maher? Many Americans and Europeans have felt moved by the beauty of Maher’s vision and manifestation, and have offered funds. Many of you from Whatcom Countyhave offered your resources, having been directly inspired by Sister Lucy and the young adults she has brought here– remarkable people who grew up at Maher.  Certainly there are Indian donors as well, but a large portion of donations have been offered  though Western countries.

There is a #GivingTuesdayNow campaign being run by US Maher Friends to generate much need funds for Maher!  I will copy the email I received here. Please do consider sending a donation, knowing that this is a deep and meaningful enterprise holding wondrous examples of profound care for human beings and the earth, on the order of what this planet is needing desperately, as so painfully revealed in this time of the Pandemic. Yes, we need to donate within our own borders, but part of what we are seeing, is that the borders are less true than the union of all of us, on this precious planet.Thanks so much for considering. A donation of any amount is so helpful.

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Hello and Happy #GivingTuesdayNow!

So first, just what is “#GivingTuesdayNow”? #GivingTuesdayNow is a new global day of giving and an emergency response to the unprecedented needs caused by COVID-19.  This event is designed to unify all individuals, corporations, and communities as global partners to support those in need.

Maher Ashram, India is one of the organizations in great need. They have been serving the community around them for 23 years and they are now being called on to give of their resources even more then they have ever dreamed of. This giving is straining their resources and they need your help. 

Let’s come together to create a global giving community on this #GivingTuesdayNow – May 5th – and give to Maher Ashram, India so that they can continue to openly serve the villagers, migrant workers, and tribal people who are knocking on their gates, while they also keep their own Maher family safe and supported.

Either a one-time or a monthly donation in this time of extreme need is greatly appreciated and will be felt where it really matters.  Link: [usmaherfriends.org]usmaherfriends.org

We also ask you to give in your community where you see a need in order to unite and heal all communities and create a wave of generosity to be felt around the world.

Sending a big thank you and heartfelt blessings to all!

Best of Health & Be Safe, 

Brenda Howley

US Maher Friends