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Lighting the Inner Lantern_yllwThe first flyer had a typo for the mailing address for registrations: here is a corrected version! All else is the same. Happy Thanksgiving! Continue reading

For those planning ahead for Autumn, here is our flyer announcing the next retreat at Turtle Haven with Ravi.We’re especially excited for this theme! There will as always also be a public talk on Friday of the retreat. Let me know if you have any questions; other announcements will be forthcoming.


In another posting, I mentioned a forthcoming series of classes this summer that will follow the 6:15 Wednesday night Turtle Haven class, from 8 to 9 pm. In his book Inner Yoga, Sri Anirvan a great yoga teacher of the last century, says “To create an atmosphere conducive to meditation, a few things are necessary. You must make your lifestyle simple and disciplined, so that there is no unneccessary cause for restlessness or dispersion of the mind. You must develop the habit of remaining satisfied with whatever comes to you, so that your mind remains filled with a radiant gladness. You must keep a watchful eye on what happens in your mind when it comes into contact with external objects, so that this awareness of objects may be transformed into an awareness of self. And always you must cultivate a continuous stream of meditativeness, so the mind never never forgets its chosen object of seeking. To these disciplines, one more may be added— control of speech…..

During these Wednesday night explorations of meditation, we will consider our own personal lives, and our alignment, as well as lack of that, in relation to Sri Anirvan’s ideas of what is necessary in “creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation.”  The subjects for each class will follow the theme presented in the passage above:

July 16: Simplifying Lifestyle and Discipline for Practice

July 23: Contentment with Whatever Comes: Acceptance

July 30: Relationship of External Objects/Perceptions with My Own Inner Self

August 6th: Remembering the the Chosen Object of Seeking: Spiritual Life Woven into Daily Life

August 13th: What is the Control of Speech? How Do I Practice?


In our time together, we will engage in some discussion, supportive of establishing a practice of meditation, as well as engage with breathing practices useful in bringing a deeper state of inwardness. And of course we will practice sitting meditation with various methods!

$45 for all five classes; otherwise, $12 per individual class

Note: Please inquire if your financial situation is such that a reduced tuition is needed; no one turned away for lack of funds!



P1040486namaste tileSummer yoga classes will be on the same schedule as usual, except for Wednesday nights! Wednesdays will be taught with one asana class, and then during certain weeks, there will be offerings in meditation, breathing practices and  suggested short readings, with group contemplation and reflection. This direction reflects my ongoing interest in considering the fullness of yoga practice as a life path. The Wednesday class will be at 6:15 pm  for a mixed level asana class, and details to be announced for the additional study/practice classes.

Please know that I am willing to work out trades/alternate arrangements if you are truly not able to afford coming.
Any 9 classes for $115
Any 8 Classes for $108
Any 7 Classes for $98

Drop Ins $16

Please know that I am willing to work out trades/alternate arrangements if you are truly not able to afford coming.

Summer Quarter will span from June 16th through August 14th, with no class for Tuesday morning the 24th! You may view the schedule also on my Google Calendar, through my website.

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.

Mahatma Gandhi

Spring Yoga classes

Here is the Spring flyer for classes that begin next week! Contact Elizabeth with any questions.


Yoga for easing symptoms of anxiety and depression

Yoga for easing symptoms of anxiety and depression

Wonders of Winter

Today's class cancelled due to Winter weatherThe 8Petals 5:15 class for today February 24th is cancelled due to conditions brought by nature at her best. Please stay tuned for make up class details. There is a mighty good chance that the 9:45 am class in Deming at Turtle Haven tomorrow will also need to be rescheduled, but for a few hours I will wait to see if a miraculous melt happens…. and it would indeed be miraculous. I hope you enjoy the respite from routine, and enjoy this time of cancellations!

The first class in the Yoga Sadhana series begins NEXT Monday; please be aware that the first three sessions may be taken as individual classes, and the Anxiety and Depression series that starts in April must be taken as a 5 session series. Please contact Elizabeth with any questions.

New Yoga Sadhana classes offered

New Yoga Sadhana classes offered

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