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Film about Mr. Iyengar

Below is a link to a film was shown twice at the Convention, introduced by its maker, Lindsay Clennel. It may help you to understand the expanse of BKS Iyengar and his work and influence. The young woman in headstand and a full backbend being assisted with multiple props, is BKS Iyengar’s beloved grandaughter, Abijata who taught at the Convention three years ago— she is a beautiful, clear, powerful and nonetheless humble teacher in her own right. Let me know your thoughts and reflections in watching this film. If it moves you, there is a campaign to raise the remaining funds needed to complete the film.

The New York Times runs an Anxiety column in which various writers tell their own stories.The latest, on yoga, begins:

AnxietyAnxiety: We worry. A gallery of contributors count the ways.

Five-year-old Miriam huddled in the back corner of my Lower East Side yoga classroom, wrapping herself in a spongy mat like a blanket. She was having another panic attack, screaming so loud others could hear down the hall. I was scared by her anxiety yet it was familiar. At 28, I was the charter school’s first full-time yoga teacher. A product of upstate New York and family with Methodist roots, I’d been a student of Buddhism since college at New York University and, more recently, yoga. I now taught 200 inner-city kids from ages 4 to 12 how to use the tools of mindfulness all day. But secretly, I was having my own panic attacks, at night.

To read the rest go here.

Matthew Sanford, paraplegic yogi, on NPR

Elizabeth has mentioned Mathew Sanford and his writing before, a book called “Waking.” He is the subject of a piece on NPR which they describe as: “An unusual take on the mind-body connection with author and yoga teacher Matthew Sanford. He’s been a paraplegic since the age of 13. He shares his wisdom for us all on knowing the strength and grace of our bodies even in the face of illness, aging, and death.”



Since we all know yoga is really meditation in action, sharing here this neat article about use of meditation in Brooklyn schools and for kids in trouble with the law.

The articles describes kids agitated by violence they’ve just seen:

“There was a brawl,” called Ian Alsopp, 18, shaking his head. “It went down. It went down.”Riding the subway after school, he said, he saw about 20 teenagers beat up another boy…“This is where you actually use this,” the instructor, Greg Snyder, told Mr. Alsopp. “Notice the thought. That’s fine. Notice the anxiety. Notice the fear. Use the meditation to focus your mind. Are you with me?”

Read the whole story here:

Yoga Stories: A Paraplegic Yoga Teacher

Some of you may remember Elizabeth mentioning a book she was reading called Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendance by Matthew Sanford. Sanford is an Iyengar yoga teacher who has been paraplegic since age 13. The Body's Grace, Matthew Sanford's StoryHe says, ‘It took a devastating car accident, paralysis from the chest down and dependence on a wheelchair before I truly realized the importance of waking both my mind and my body.”

For those interested in seeing a video about Matthew Sanford’s story go here.

To get the book at the Bellingham Public Library go here.

To read his personal website, which is very interesting, go here.

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