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Yoga for February 14th, 2017

It has been a momentous week at Turtle Haven, with stories many of you have also been living this past week, of trees sadly breaking and falling with sound effects of wartimes, repeated needs for clearing new fallen trees from across our smaller access road, and a full time job of cancelling and rescheduling, calling PSE, Frontier, and CHS for propane, neighbors for giving and receiving help, and then pausing in the silent moments without phone or internet to “speak” with the outside world. We did then seek pockets of cell connectivity that sometimes allowed for short conversation or the lucky transmission of a text!

On a positive note, bridges were built between and among neighbors in certain instances, and we had more than basic comfort with cozy fires, delicious food in ample supply, and even a couple of hot baths. We feel a deep gratitude for our neighbor we met through this, who got our generator working…. wow, it would have been much different without that! A walk around the Turtle Haven lands reveals much destruction in the natural realms, but in the shrine circuit, we were blessed that not a single one sustained damage– did all the accumulated prayers help? One never knows, because certainly we are praying for much these days that has no easy resolution. But we are grateful for the prayerful places that will be accessible once again when the trails are cleared!

Here is the update for yoga this coming Tuesday, February 14th. It is my plan to teach the class. The road is not all clear, however. Jillian and I drove it all the way to the highway today in our Forester, which has AWD and good clearance. This was an especially mindful drive, but did not feel perilous. In theory, it will be better in a couple of days. Perhaps the most challenging element is in parking here, as we have had a neighbor do some clearing, but the usual number of spaces is somewhat reduced by snow and debris piles. If you are currently enrolled in the class, you have received an email and could communicate with other students about more helpful carpools, or driving with someone who has a better vehicle for current conditions!

I will be posting the new schedule soon. It will be an odd quarter of classes, extending into April. The Google calendar on my site is not currently accurate, but will be before long. Because I have already needed to cancel two classes, I am inclined to teach this coming Tuesday, and am hoping very much that this will be of benefit, and not cause undue stress for anyone. Yes, there was beauty in all of this; here is a photograph from Jillian’s collection.


Class Cancelled for 2/8

Turtle Haven continues to be a challenging place at present, in terms of access! We had no power, internet or telephone today, and were blocked in by fallen trees from the night before precluding any chance of departure by vehicle. The road has rather deep snow, is very narrow, and would be a hazard for many vehicles; thus the class for 2/8 is cancelled. I will be posting updated schedule by the end of the week, to include make ups for Tuesday and Wednesday classes missed thus far this quarter. Stay tuned!P1080882

Snow Cancellation!

Turtle Haven is officially sequestered in a snow and ice laden winter blanket, that compels me to cancel class for the 7th of February. Please stay tuned for news on Wednesday’s class, which is likely to be cancelled as well.  Also check back for rescheduling of missed classes this quarter later in the week! I miss the rhythm and constancy of our times of gathering for practice, and hope that may transpire soon. If all goes well, the Tuesday class will meet next week on February 14th. Be warm, safe, and along with me, consider being in the practice of santosa, contentment, in less than optimal circumstances. The internet did not work here earlier today, but the class cancellation is also on my voicemail message. Please always check both, given the likelhood of communication challenges in the midst of inclement weather!

I received an email this week from an inspiring Bay Area yoga teacher, named David Sirgany, and share two quotes from that email:

“The likelihood that your acts of resistance cannot stop the injustice does not exempt you from acting in what you sincerely and reflectively hold to be the best interests of your community.” – Susan Sontag

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” – Rumi

May we each continue to refine our path relating to the world, and simultaneously find our own barriers to love, that we may find a deeper surrender to that most beautiful force of love that is at the heart of life itself. And may our yoga practice guide and support us in these quests.



Tuesday 1/24: No Class


I have been holding on to the idea of teaching tomorrow, but have just decided it is best to cancel, as I am not fully well enough from a bout with the flu; I neither want to pass along my illness, nor relapse! If you carpool with another, or have someone else from class with whom you are connected, and could just make sure he or she is aware of this cancellation, it would do my heart good! I will also send out an email, though not everyone checks these computer media daily. I hope this finds you well! I look forward to seeing you next week, and will revise the schedule for a make up class. Please do let me know if you have any questions.

Gratitude and New Years Blessings

Thanks to all who participated in the Benefit classes at Turtle Haven, just before the holidays.  The two classes generated much healing and stillness, prayers for the world, and $726 to contribute towards local and global people in need. May the New Year bring surprising and restorative illumination, as we gather and seek ways to continue to bring more ease and peace to this planet, to our own lives, and to those in the greatest need. 


Hope — chocolate is a verb

My dear friend  Judy Kleinberg created this beautiful piece in a time when many of us seek beauty and inspiration to travel through challenging days, and I wanted to share it here! She has an inspiring blog called Chocolate is a Verb! Also included is my flyer for the Winter Quarter. Blessings in the coming days as we prepare to cross the threshold into 2017.



speak your piece on earth © j.i. kleinberg (with thanks to NASA)

via Hope — chocolate is a verb

Class IS Happening this Evening 12/14

The road to Turtle Haven  is stable in packed snow and a little bit of ice, but has been sanded, and feels safe if one travels mindfully, and with a vehicle that can handle such conditions. Let me know if you have questions or concerns! Looking forward to practicing with you….


Yoga for December 13th Cancelled

Greetings Friends,

It is Winter Wonderland here, and not looking to disappear soon enough for comfortable driving to yoga for the Tuesday 9:45 class, tomorrow morning. Please spread the word, if you have carpooling friends who may not see this! I will put a message on my phone as well.  Those who paid for the class may take a credit for another class series or a drop in! Let me know if you have questions. The class on the 20th that is a benefit is still scheduled for NEXT Tuesday. If you wish to come and have not preregistered please send a check. Details in the attached flyer:lit-from-within-_-fall-2016

December 11th Fundraising Class Update!


Dear Friends,

I just arrived home from an inspiring evening listening to the Kulshan Chorus! The road conditions are perfect until Rutsatz Road, and our dirt road back to Turtle Haven. Because rescheduling would be very difficult at this busy time of year, I am going forward with the fundraising class tomorrow morning. If you have a car with snow tires, or AWD you would certainly be fine! There is just quite a bit of slushy snow…. even an ordinary car at slow speed would very likely be fine, but I know we all have varying standards for comfortable snow driving! Thus, here is my proposal:

1. Please come if you feel fine about driving, given my description.
2. If you will not come, due to discomfort with driving conditions, there MAY be room in the Tuesday class, on the 20th 9:45 to 11:45, which could be taken as an alternate class. Let me know if this would be your option. If you would like to donate the tuition you paid though you will not attend a class, that is of course a possibility. If you wish for me to refund your money, I am glad to send you a check.

If you would let me know your choice, that would be much appreciated…
I hope to practice with as many of you as possible tomorrow morning, as per the original plan!

Warmly, Elizabeth

Yoga Intersession and Benefit

In these days post election, as we attempt to understand how we may move forward with peace and burning conviction all at once, cultivating inner ground becomes ever more essential. I hope you will join me in these opportunities for yoga practice, with an additional element of your efforts benefitting others, here and abroad, whose outer reality of home has been profoundly compromised.