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Deobrat Mishra at Turtle Haven 7/21/19

Wonderful classical Indian musicians will play in the Studio at Turtle Haven on 7/21 at 4:30 pm, sponsored by Soundings of the Planet, and our neighbours and friends Dean and Dudley. Please refer to the flyer for all inquiries and to purchase tickets. Hope to see you there! The Mishras are truly remarkable, and it is a gift to have them play here in Deming.

Summer Yoga

After an amazing journey in Europe, I will be returning to our beautiful PNW corner in time to teach Summer Yoga! I look forward to that time, and hope this finds you well as the Solstice approaches.

Remaining Spring Classes/Summer Session!

I am traveling for the remainder of Spring Quarter; please feel free to drop in this session, for a Tuesday morning class with Constance, or Wednesday evening with Charlotte, to enjoy a class with either or both of these well trained and inspiring teachers, if you are not an enrolled student already attending this quarter. Hope to see you in summer classes at Turtle Haven, and since I am away, I thought I would post the flyer here earlier than usual! Please note that tuition is variable for Summer Session, depending on how many classes you plan to attend. I appreciate hearing in advance what your planned registration is, especially if you will not be present to start the quarter the week of June 24th.

Vision Fast Sharing Place Update

For those coming to hear about my February Vision Fast on April 7th, the sharing will take place at 4 pm on April 7th at Turtle Haven, in the studio, rather than in Bellingham! If you plan to attend, please RSVP by Thursday, April 4th. Of course carpooling is strongly encouraged; please let me know if you need help organizing with another person.

Vision Fast Reflections

In February I undertook a Vision Fast in Death Valley guided by the School of Lost Borders to mark my 60th birthday this past December, and some folks have asked if I might share some reflections from that experience. I plan to make such an offering on April 7th, at 4pm, and would like to hear from anyone who plans to attend this gathering that will take place in Bellingham at my friend Bruce’s house. PLEASE RSVP VIA EMAIL OR CALL 360-303-3892, rather than posting on my blog.

If you would like to see the School of Lost Borders website, here is the link:


The modern day vision fast is a border crossing practice. When one steps across the threshold and into the unknown wilderness, boundaries begin to dissolve and our vision begins to expand. Everything is pregnant with meaning, and nature speaks to us in the voices of rock, tree, and wind. Following the ancient pathway of this rite of passage, we step into our true nature and remember our home among the wild. We become who we were born to be.

The aforementioned description is from the website of the school.

Spring Yoga

Elizabeth Spring 2019 Yoga Flier_Final

We had a wonderful weekend with Mirabai Starr and if you sadly missed it, you have another chance to immerse for a whole day in her teachings, in Vancouver. Please follow this link if you would like to get the details! And perhaps some who were in the weekend will go drink again from the deep well of love, wisdom and humor Mirabai offers.


Village Books: Mirabai 3/21 Wild Mercy

We’re excited that Mirabai Starr will offer a book talk at Village Books this next Thursday evening, March 21st at 7pm! Come one, come all for an evening talk that promises to be inspiring, good humored, irreverent in just the right way, and an opportunity to bask in a wise, and yet oh-so- human woman’s lifework of interspiritual exploration and practice. Mirabai Starr’s newest book is Wild Mercy, and will be at the heart of her offering in the talk, and at Turtle Haven for the weekend retreat. The flyer is for the retreat, which is full at this time, and the link is for the Village Books offering: 

Wild Mercy Flier_8.5x11_Corrected Dates

Yoga Workshop 3/30 with Lynn Minton

I am wanting to share this local offering of a workshope from Lynn Minton at 8Petals!
It sounds like a lovely offering, and I know and trust in Lynn’s deep expereinces over a long time as a yoga teacher with a very fine reputation.



Living With Uncertainty: March 12th

The forecast now seems to include a greater possibility for snow accumulation of up to 3 inches. Will the driving conditions be difficult tomorrow for the 9:45 am class? I can’t be sure! As Eleanore Roosevelt pointed out, at least according to some unverifiable internet source, “If life were predictable it would cease to BE life, and be without flavor.” I plan to teach tomorrow morning unless there are dire conditions, since we are already two classes behind for the quarter. I hope this will feel acceptable to all! And that some of you will be venturing tomorrw moring to Turtle Haven for our Tuesday class! I will post again in the morning, only if dire comes to pass. Here is a lovely photograph taken by our friend Shirley yesterday at Turtle Haven, that so well captures this moment we are in here in Whatcom County.