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In another posting, I mentioned a forthcoming series of classes this summer that will follow the 6:15 Wednesday night Turtle Haven class, from 8 to 9 pm. In his book Inner Yoga, Sri Anirvan a great yoga teacher of the last century, says “To create an atmosphere conducive to meditation, a few things are necessary. You must make your lifestyle simple and disciplined, so that there is no unneccessary cause for restlessness or dispersion of the mind. You must develop the habit of remaining satisfied with whatever comes to you, so that your mind remains filled with a radiant gladness. You must keep a watchful eye on what happens in your mind when it comes into contact with external objects, so that this awareness of objects may be transformed into an awareness of self. And always you must cultivate a continuous stream of meditativeness, so the mind never never forgets its chosen object of seeking. To these disciplines, one more may be added— control of speech…..

During these Wednesday night explorations of meditation, we will consider our own personal lives, and our alignment, as well as lack of that, in relation to Sri Anirvan’s ideas of what is necessary in “creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation.”  The subjects for each class will follow the theme presented in the passage above:

July 16: Simplifying Lifestyle and Discipline for Practice

July 23: Contentment with Whatever Comes: Acceptance

July 30: Relationship of External Objects/Perceptions with My Own Inner Self

August 6th: Remembering the the Chosen Object of Seeking: Spiritual Life Woven into Daily Life

August 13th: What is the Control of Speech? How Do I Practice?


In our time together, we will engage in some discussion, supportive of establishing a practice of meditation, as well as engage with breathing practices useful in bringing a deeper state of inwardness. And of course we will practice sitting meditation with various methods!

$45 for all five classes; otherwise, $12 per individual class

Note: Please inquire if your financial situation is such that a reduced tuition is needed; no one turned away for lack of funds!

Our Feeling Yogi class will now be from NOON UNTIL 3 PM ON MAY 4TH. This change in timing is to accommodate those who will move on to the SPECIES PARADE AT 4pm. This parade is a wonderful event, in case you have missed it in the past!

UPDATE: Elizabeth has decided that late notification for the content of the April 20th class means it would be better to reschedule the same class for May 4th, still at 8Petals from 1 to 4 pm.

Dear Friends,

This coming Saturday, April 20th, On Saturday, May 4th, I will offer a Saturday afternoon Deepening Yoga class at 8Petals from 12 to 3 pm from 1 to 4:00 pm, with a focus on working with emotions within the context of yoga practice.

The Feeling Yogi: Emotions, Svadyaya or Self Reflection, and the Practice of Yoga

Our emotional natures have a place within practice, though there is not much guidance directly offered in the classical yoga scriptures suggesting how we might utilize our feeling selves within the inner search that is at the heart of the journey. We will honor the emotional dimension, and consider fruitful approaches to working with the gifts of our feeling selves, especially as this emerges within our practice in class, or on our own.  We will practice asana, pranayama, and meditation geared towards soothing our emotional bodies, based on a practice sequence offered by BKS Iyengar in his book Light on Life. Please bring an image or altar object that reflects something of your emotional relationship with your practice of yoga.

The tuition will be $30 to $45 for the class; please inquire about bartering if you need to pay less. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions in advance via email or phone.
“ If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. ”
May these days of Spring bring each of us inner nourishment and vitality.
Sending warm greetings, Elizabeth

Our next Deepening Yoga class on November 10th will focus on the first ten sutras in the second book of the Yoga Sutras; Patanjali presents Kriya Yoga and the Kleshas in this important section. Specifically we will look at what Patanjali presents as the root of human suffering, the “ignorance” which clouds our consciousness. Discussion will include consideration of accurate understanding of these sutras, and applicability towards everyday life! Please bring your thoughts and questions. You may find sutra books at local libraries, and also the sutras are online in various translations and interpretations! Our gathering will include reflection, guided meditation and pranayama, as well as a bit of restorative asana. Please come and share in a community yoga experience. If you are not able to afford tuition, please call or email for more information.

I am providing here some interpretation of the kleshas from Judith Lasater, a well known teacher from the Bay Area. This may spark you own reflection on the kleshas— please bring sutra books if you have them. You can download it as a word (docx) file here as or see it as a webpage here.

All are welcome to the second of three Saturday classes that Elizabeth will be offering that focus on pranayama and meditation. Each class will have a specific philosophy theme and the one for November will be announced soon! This is an opportunity to more deeply explore some of the things we touch on in class, especially philosophy and pranayama.The class on Saturday, November 10th will be followed by a final class on Saturday, December 8th. The classes can be taken individually.
Sliding fee: $20 to $30
For more information contact Elizabeth.

BKS Iyengar Breathing

Click the image below to see the youtube video of Mr. Iyengar breathing that Elizabeth mentioned in class. It’s impressive.