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With the new class series on Yoga for Easing Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression underway, here once again, is a link to a study demonstrating the effectiveness of yoga in this application! 

Spring Yoga classes

Here is the Spring flyer for classes that begin next week! Contact Elizabeth with any questions.


Yoga for easing symptoms of anxiety and depression

Yoga for easing symptoms of anxiety and depression

The first class in the Yoga Sadhana series begins NEXT Monday; please be aware that the first three sessions may be taken as individual classes, and the Anxiety and Depression series that starts in April must be taken as a 5 session series. Please contact Elizabeth with any questions.

New Yoga Sadhana classes offered

New Yoga Sadhana classes offered

More about 8 Petals Yoga Studio

Winter Yoga with Elizabeth Kerwin

Winter Yoga with Elizabeth Kerwin

winter yoga classes

Dear Friends,
I write to you from the National Iyengar Convention, where I have been deeply moved by the classes, the community and cultural events, and the sense of depth and longevity in our tradition. A special guest teacher, Birjoo Mehta, who is a Senior Iyengar teacher from Mumbai has come from India for this Convention. I am struck by the combination of stucture and continuity in our form, and the wisdom, maturity and new flowering I experience within this trustworthy vessel over time—  especially as experienced through Birjoo’s teaching.  I look forward to the seeds of these current teachings I am experiencing sifting through my body and being in my own practice, and finding their way into my teaching as well.
On May 18th, THIS COMING SATURDAY, I will offer the last opportunity of the season for gathering with others in community to explore deeper aspects of yoga, this time at Turtle Haven! Please come and join in for any, or all of the following:

9:30 to 11 am:  Gait of Freedom: Hips that Hike, Dance, Garden and Meditate! Hip openers for all our two legged activities! Sliding Fee: $10 to $20

11:15 to 12:30 pm:  Sitting Meditation followed by Community Reading of the Yoga Sutras. This will be a wonderful moment to simply read aloud this profound text, and let it flow through us without analysis, but to have exposure to the work as a whole. I will present a very brief orientation, and we will read taking turns.   No Charge!
12:45 pm until 2:30 pm:  Community Potluck Lunch and Meanderings
It will be possible to walk the trails, visit the Patanjali shrine, and any other shrine areas which call to you. You may also draw nourishment from the river, and peaceful atmosphere of Turtle Haven… 
Please do let me know by Tuesday the 14th if you plan to attend, so I may organize accordingly, with the hopes of organizing some carpooling! 

A Wonderful New Idea

Here is an amazing opportunity for us to help other people in an innovative and moving way! I have received this letter from several others, and am passing it along here….
Hello Friends,

This is maybe the most important moment of my life. I’m writing this email through tears and immense joy. As many of you know, I was in a car accident with my brother Keegan who was killed instantly when I was 18 and he was 20. The guy who caused the accident fled the scene and my brother had no under-insured motorists insurance. Our family was stuck with all of the funeral expenses as well as my ambulance and hospital bills without any assistance.

I have spent the last year of my life, using all of my free time and energy, creating a local non-profit that will provide financial assistance to local families that are victim to tragic events and disaster here in Whatcom County. The name of it is Pass The Hat, and it’s brilliant. The model is to get as many people as possible to chip in $2 a month, every month. Here’s the kicker: No one can give more than $2. We won’t rely on fundraisers, auctions, or people making large donations. Instead we will get five, ten or twenty thousand people signed up, each only giving $2. Our mission is twofold; first we help families. Second, we empower people to get involved in philanthropy and make a difference even if they have hardly anything to give.

We have teamed up to partner with The Red Cross, Community Support Officers, Police departments and other local agencies. Our staff includes many local community leaders; Kelli Linville (Mayor), Steve Clarke (School District), Tamara Tregoning (United Way), Marinda Peugh (Red Cross), Chief Michael Knapp (Ferndale), and Grant Fishbook (CTK Church), just to name a few.

As of exactly an hour ago, the website is completed and live. I do not ask much of anyone, ever. I am asking you now to go, check it out and sign up. Then I want you to forward this email or create your own and email, call and tell every person you have ever met to go sign up as well. Talk over coffee, lunch, dinner, tell everyone.

SPECIAL REQUEST: We are in our soft launch phase. PLEASE KEEP THIS OFF OF FACEBOOK. We have until March 7th to get as many people signed up as possible. That’s when we are meeting for the first time, picking a cause and helping our first local family. We want to create a success story BEFORE exploding all over Facebook and in the media. Please help us spread the word “under the radar” for now and get others signed up. Make sense? No Facebook. Once we are ready, we will ask everyone to blow this up and get it all over Facebook, the paper, radio, etc. all at once.

Here is the link, go now and be amazing: http://www.pass-the-hat.org/

Galen Emanuele
Marketing & Sales Director
The Upfront Theatre
(360) 733-8855

UPDATE: Unfortunately, James is now unable to be in Bellingham. So the Thursday event below is cancelled. There may, however, be an alternate kirtan event on Friday with Paul. Please check back for more info.

Just about a month ago, James Boag presented a talk and kirtan with Paul at 8Petals, and the evening was rich and inspiring. We imagined that James, who generally resides in India would not be back until Spring, but he will surprisingly and happily be returning shortly, and you can read about his teachings with Paul in the information shown below. Paul will offer kirtan as part of the offerings I am hosting at Turtle Haven on October 23rd; this is a reminder that if you wish to partake of any of the events that day, I would like to have registrations by Sunday, the 16th! I appreciate your honoring of this date, so I may organize for parking and potential carpooling. I hope you might find some time to enjoy an Autumn day at Turtle Haven.

‘Yoga: The Heart of it’ Talk and short kirtan with James Boag.
Thursday 20th October 7:15-9:15pm at 8 Petals, Bellingham

Using a beautiful short poem as a start point, this talk will illustrate the core teachings of the holistic, wonderfully inclusive and practical yoga tradition. Integrating different approaches and aspects of practice, the talk will also show how to apply these teachings into all aspects of our lives, so we can live more heartfully, with greater purpose, clarity and joy.


Suggested donation: $10-40

‘Tonight the topic is love’ with James Boag and Paul Millage
Friday 21st October 7:15-9:45pm at 8 Petals, Bellingham

Join Paul and James for an inspiring evening of poetry, stories, insights and kirtan.

Poetry, stories and song are universal means, treasured by wisdom traditions from all around the globe, to help us unveil and recognise the beauty, glory and immensity of the love and light that is our essence. This should be an evening to remember!


Suggested donation $10-40

Also, in Bellingham, Paul is leading a kirtan on Friday 14th October and an acroyoga playground workshop on Saturday 22nd October. Further details below:

KIRTAN: Come sing from the heart, for the heart. All are welcome. Free event.

Friday 14 October at The Ground Floor (1113 State St. Bellingham): 7:30-9:30 pm

Acro Yoga Playground workshop led by Paul Millage at 3 OMS Bellingham (3omsyoga.com)

Saturday, 22 October 1:00-3:30PM  (?? – Paul’s blog says this same time, but Erin says she registered for this class and the time is actually 3:00-6:00)

Learn to fly with grace and joy with Acro Yoga! We’ll begin by flowing through standing, sitting, dynamic, & balancing partner yoga poses to warm our bodies then enter a playful exchange between acrobatic balancing, yoga and therapeutic Thai Massage. This workshop is accessible to anyone with basic body awareness and an adventurous spirit.

Questions about any? Contact Elizabeth 360 303 3892

Details for the Community Day have now been finalized! You can click on the flyer above for a pdf with all the information, or see below:


Turtle Haven – Sunday, October 23

10 am to 12 pm Yoga Breathing and Restoratives to Brighten Your Spirit

Learn a sequence of yoga breathing and restorative poses to help you feel brighter and lighter in spirit as we navigate the darker days of autumn and winter. Take home a handout with the poses that could be your prescription for a happier few months ahead!

Cost $20

12:15 to 1:15 Philosophy Circle and Meditation on Santosha or Contentment  

We will consider with more depth our relationship to our own desires and how to navigate the inner territories of acceptance, while sustaining our motivation to move forward in our lives.

Cost: Donation requested of $5 to $10 for Maher Ashram

1:30 to 3   Potluck Lunch, Bring a dish to share

3:00 to 5:00   Kirtan guided by Paul Millage

For more about Paul or to contact him, see http://www.paulmillage.com

Cost: Donation of $5 to $15

Please register by October 16th so carpooling may be organized! Register with a check for class, kirtan; email or call for lunch, philosophy circle. 360.303.3892 elizabethkerwinyoga@gmail.com

Latest Updates!

I am excited to post these details for the coming week-end, when we will have a special event at 8Petals on Saturday night… please come, and bring all your friends and family who may be interested!

Foundations of practice and the paths of yoga: Talk and kirtan with James Boag 7-10pm Saturday 10th September, 8 Petals, Bellingham. Class and kirtan by donation. Suggested donation: $10-30

Talk and discussion: 7:00-8:30pm: As the practical school of Indian philosophy, yoga offers the means to cultivate greater awareness, skilfulness and joy in all that we do. With reference to the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, this talk will clarify what it means to practice yoga, and how, by working with the foundation practice principles of the yoga tradition we can bring its rich and nourishing influence into all aspects of our lives. We will also consider different approaches to yoga and how what are sometimes seen as different paths of yoga are actually mutually complimentary and supportive aspects of practice.

Kirtan: 8:30-10:00pm Join James in the blissful practice of Kirtan and gain greater understanding of Kirtan as a rewarding and powerful part of yoga practice.

The evening will continue with kirtan: call and response chanting. James will introduce the practice of kirtan and situate it within the broader picture of yoga. We will then experience the practice, singing together for the rest of the evening.

About kirtan

Kirtan is a simple and powerful yoga practice that uses sound as the focus or support to facilitate a state of deep integration. In Indian systems of philosophy, sound is recognized as subtle and all-pervading, Western scientists recognized last century that essentially we are space, filled with vibration. Kirtan then offers a very fast and effective way to facilitate transformation, change our vibration and deepen our experience of yoga. Some participants describe kirtan like ‘bathing in sound’, refreshing and cleansing the system not just at the superficial level, but right into the core of our cells, literally raising our vibration.

The word kirtan comes from a Sanskrit root ‘kirt’ meaning to recite, to praise, to glorify. During kirtan we sing in call and response Sanskrit names of the divine, names full of positive energy corresponding to those divine, positive qualities which exist within us. As we sing and call these names, we cultivate those positive, transforming energies, calling forth and unveiling our own inner glory, the energy of our true selves.
Everyone welcome. Do not worry if you are not a virtuoso singer.
The joy of Kirtan is open to everyone!

About James Mysore, where he is now working towards an MA in Sanskrit, while also leading kirtan and courses on the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras attended by international students of many of Mysore’s renowned yogasana teachers.

To listen to recordings of talks, classes and kirtans James has been giving recently in the Northwest, go to the James Sharings page on http://www.paulmmillage.com

James is known for bringing the traditional, scriptural teachings of yoga to vivid life, in ways which elucidate their relevance and practical application in our lives today. His powerful a capella kirtans invite participants to bathe in rich sound: cleansing, energising, and heightening awareness of the depth and glory of our inner selves.

James’ practice and teaching grow from their roots in the Shankaracaraya Vedic tradition and the school of Kashmir Shaivism. His classes are infused with the ‘ras’ or flavour of joy associated with the devotional practice of kirtan, and of the bliss which is seen as underlying everything in the beautiful teachings of Shaivism.

He has been teaching yoga and leading kirtan regularly since 2003 and teaching since 1993. In 2005, while he was teaching English at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, James began studying Sanskrit. Since 2008, James has spent over half his time in