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Spring Yoga classes

Here is the Spring flyer for classes that begin next week! Contact Elizabeth with any questions.


The Invocation to Patanjali – Youtube videos

For those wanting more of a chance to practice or listen to the chant – the invocation to Patanjali – that Elizabeth leads at the beginning of each class, here are a couple of choices from Youtube.

In this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14HIfxNj_yY there’s an American guy who pretty much walks you through what we do in the beginning of class, how to sit, how position your knees and hips, and then he chants aum three times and does the chant, very similarly to how Elizabeth does it, with sanskrit words scrolling across the screen.

In this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5SAf6LbJ7E there are various colorful images and in a voiceover an Indian woman sings the chant. It’s very pretty to look at and her voice is pleasant and it’s a nice variant to experience.

Will it snow or won’t it?


As always, if the weather seems to suggest a possible cancellation of a class, please listen to my voicemail message to verify. That phone number is 360-303-3892.

(photo credit:http://www.joyfulmomentsphoto.com/)

Winter Quarter Begins January 3, 201

The Winter Quarter classes begin January 3, 2011; the schedule is the same as in the fall, as is the tuition of $120-135 for the 10 week quarter. A Winter Pass to unlimited classes will be $195. The classes in Bellingham are on Mondays, at 5:15 for Beginners and 7 pm for Intermediates. There is a Thursday noon class for Mixed Levels, also in Bellingham. In Deming, classes, all on Tuesdays,  are at 9:45 am for Mixed Levels, and 5:15 for Beginners and Mixed Levels students. The Intermediate students have class at 7 pm, also in Deming at Turtle Haven. Please email me, elizabethkerwin@hotmail.com or call at 303-3892 for more information. A childrens’ class is also offered at Turtle Haven on Wednesdays at 4pm; it will begin a little bit later in the quarter—please contact me for precise information.