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Elizabeth first met Sister Lucy as she traveled on tour across the country with Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix, authors of the book about Maher, the community Sister Lucy seeded more than a decade ago.

In December, William Keepin & Cynthia Brix are offering a workshop on Whidbey Island:

Men and women discover a liberating healing
and new spiritual communion.

Introductory Workshop
December 2-4, 2011
Whidbey Island, Washington
(just north of Seattle)

The Power of Reconciliation creates a rare forum for women and men to jointly confront gender injustice and unravel the insidious knots of cultural conditioning and oppression relating to gender and sexuality. In this unique context the ‘undiscussables’ of gender are confronted unflinchingly as participants plumb the depths of their experiences and move beyond habitual ways of relating to discover new forms of healing and authentic intimacy between the sexes.

Key to our methodology is the direct application of spiritual teachings and contemplative practices drawn from a rich spectrum of spiritual and religious traditions. This makes the work effective in a wide range of religions and cultures and it invokes a higher, universal wisdom that both empowers and protects the sometimes delicate and sometimes volatile healing process. The Power of Reconciliation model has proven effective not only in the United States and other affluent Western countries, but also in more challenging cultures where gender oppression is severe, such as India and South Africa.

Who is it for? 

The Power of Reconciliation is appropriate for adults of all ages, sexual orientations, faith traditions, race, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Mental health professionals, clergy, students, singles and couples encouraged to attend.

How does it work? 
The Power of Reconciliation creates a forum for buildling trust and compassionate communication through a skillful combination of interactive exercises, contemplative practices, and group process. Participants plumb the depths of their own experiences, and move beyond habitual ways of relating to discover new pathways of healing, mutual respect, and authenticity between women and men.

For more information and to register, go here.



A Letter from the Friends of Maher:

Dear Friends,

Friends of Maher is a local and small, yet dedicated and heartfelt group offering support, and receiving inspiration from the Maher community in Pune, India. Our relationship began when meeting Sister Lucy as she traveled on tour across the country with Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix, authors of the book about the community Sister Lucy seeded more than a decade ago. Sister Lucy’s powerfully compassionate presence and humble visionary spirit made an immediate and deep impression on us. Since that time, we have been exploring ways to connect with this remarkable sanctuary from violence that honors all religions, nurtures and educates its residents and surrounding community, integrates sustainable living practices and demonstrates a compassionate, wholistic and thoroughly ingenious approach to healing. The vision includes the overarching principle and demonstration of seeking solutions to problems in the larger culture that lead to violence towards women and children. To learn more about Maher Ashram, please visit their website, www.maherashram.org.

On June 7th at 7:30 p.m.. we will be graced with Sister Lucy’s presence when she will offer a talk and presentation in the Sanctuary at the First Congregational Church of Bellingham, 2401 Cornwall Avenue.  Sister Lucy has a wondrous spirit and a powerful presence; she is an individual whose vision and actions demonstrate the integrated practice of following an inner calling. You can download the pdf of the flyer pictured above for Sister Lucy’s talk here. We hope you will consider joining us to learn more about Maher Ashram, through the eyes and heart of this delightful and inspiring woman profoundly dedicated to helping others. There is no charge to attend this event, though donations to Maher are welcome.

On June 17th, at 7 pm at Presence Studio, Shantala will once again offer kirtan devotional singing and dance as part of their Unity in the Community Tour and as a benefit for Maher Ashram. Last year’s event with Shantala in the vibrant and warm atmosphere of Presence, provided a joyful evening of weaving community through sound and movement. While some sat quietly absorbing the music, others joined in voice, in dance and ecstatic movement. Heather and Benjy, both very talented musicians, travel the country leading kirtan. To read more visit their website www.shantalamusic.com. Tickets may be purchased in advance from either Community Food Coop. While we may have tickets at the door, last year the event happily sold out! Advance tickets are $20, and those at the door will be $25. Please see the flyer below for more detailed information, and feel free to share this by passing along this email to others. You can download a pdf of the flyer pictured above for the kirtan here.

For more information about either event, please call Jillian Froebe at 360-319-8704, or visit www.elizabethkerwin.wordpress.com.

Blessings of Spring and Renewal,
Friends of Maher
Paula Brown, Jillian Froebe, Krista Hunter, Elizabeth Kerwin and Shirley Osterhaus