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Spring Yoga classes

Here is the Spring flyer for classes that begin next week! Contact Elizabeth with any questions.


Film about Mr. Iyengar

Below is a link to a film was shown twice at the Convention, introduced by its maker, Lindsay Clennel. It may help you to understand the expanse of BKS Iyengar and his work and influence. The young woman in headstand and a full backbend being assisted with multiple props, is BKS Iyengar’s beloved grandaughter, Abijata who taught at the Convention three years ago— she is a beautiful, clear, powerful and nonetheless humble teacher in her own right. Let me know your thoughts and reflections in watching this film. If it moves you, there is a campaign to raise the remaining funds needed to complete the film.


Chant for Peace: December 30th

Elizabeth shares this information, hoping you might attend; if she were not in India, she would be there!

Attend Mountain Lamp Chant for Peace

Mountain Lamp warmly invites individuals and groups to join us in chanting for peace. This inviting and joyful practice opens our hearts and clears our minds. A diverse group of faith and community groups who practice chanting are invited to lead a chant in their tradition.

Individuals may attend this event any time on the hour (e.g. 8am, 9am etc.) and can stay for as many hours as they like- leaving only at the end of an hour. You are also welcome to join for a few hours, take a break for an hour or more and then rejoin again on the hour.

For full details click on the image below for a pdf of the flyer.


As scheduled, we will honor Veteran’s Day with Monday’s regularly scheduled 4:15 and 6:00 pm classes at 8 Petals. The rest of the week’s classes will also be held as usual.

And in honor of Veteran’s Day, this article on the deep healing experienced by Veteran’s with PTSD through the practice of yoga.

Classes resume beginning this Monday, November 5


Mr. Iyengar doing dog pose. Now it’s your turn.


Ravi Ravindra, physicist, theologist, philosopher and seeker will be leading a retreat on “The Heart and Purpose of Yoga” the weekend of October 12-14, kicking off with a public talk in Bellingham on Friday, October 12 and followed by two days featuring discussion, meditation, chanting and optional yoga asanas at Turtle Haven in Deming. To introduce people to Ravi, below is the beginning of an essay he wrote on the topic of “Yoga in Daily Life”, followed by a link for a pdf of the complete essay. If this speaks to you, you might consider coming to the retreat for which there are some spaces still available. For complete details about the retreat go here or talk to Elizabeth.

Yoga in Daily Life

            Renouncing all actions on Me, Mindful of your inner self,

            Without expectation and selfishness, Fight, without agitation. (BG 3:30)

                         Here Krishna invites us and enjoins us to make our daily life into a spiritual practice, a yoga.  No one can be without action.  Even if we simply lie down, doing nothing visible, we are still engaged in action. “Because no one can remain actionless even for a moment. Everyone is driven to action, helplessly indeed, by the forces of nature” (BG 3.05).  Even if the body is still, the mind is in action, associating  this with that, dreaming, desiring something, fearing something else. The question is not whether to act but how to act. Similarly, no one can avoid daily life; the question is not whether we should participate in daily life, but rather how to participate in this life we live daily.

To download the complete essay in pdf form go here.





Elizabeth recommends an interesting site called IHanuman which lets people download classes for practice and has a lot of other material as well. The site shares the teaching of a number of yoga teachers including one of Elizabeth’s teachers, John Schumacher.

They describe themselves as follows: We are an online community of yoga teachers dedicated to serving the yoga world. iHanuman is the monkey bridge between students, teachers, and the ancient wisdom of yoga. We have created an avenue for people to connect with others through new technology and positive social media. We offer audio and video of your favorite teachers. Our focus is yoga including ayurveda, sanskrit, philosophy, meditation, and yoga therapy.

To visit the site click on the image above or go to IHanuman.com .

Elizabeth Kerwin Yoga is now on Facebook!

Because so many people use Facebook to keep up to date, Elizabeth has at last agreed to create a Facebook page for her Yoga Classes! You can find the page here or click on the image above or simply search for “Elizabeth Kerwin Yoga” when you’re on Facebook. We look forward to using the Facebook page in the same way this blog is used and will continue to be used – for news, updates, queries, musings, announcements and so on!

Remember, there are no classes this upcoming week of June 25th- June 29th.

Summer Session begins the following week on July 2nd. Remember, there are no classes on the July 4th holiday (Wednesday) at Turtle Haven as originally scheduled.

For the summer flyer with dates and prices go here.

To see Elizabeth’s Google calendar go here.

Inner Yoga: Selected Writings of Sri Anirvan

This book explores the meditative aspects of yoga. It might be of particular interest if you are experimenting with or beginning to think about sitting meditation. Written by Sri Anirvan, who was a monk, scholar and philosopher, this book includes the meditation: breathing the vastness of the sky in on the in-breath and breathing oneself out into that vast sky on the out-breath. This book is not at the Bellingham Public Library unfortunately, but you can order it through Village Books here.