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Spring Quarter Begins April 9th!

The Spring Quarter will begin April 9th, and a flyer is here. Please feel free to pass along the flyer.
Also please note that Ravi Ravindra will be here the last week-end of the month; he will offer a public talk on Friday night March 30th at First Congregational Church on Cornwall Street at 7:30 pm, with a suggested donation of $15 to benefit Maher Ashram.
Also, on the 26th, I will be offering the two classes I have been mentioning in announcements this week. There will be a 5:30- 7pm class, Opening the Heart: Backbends for All Levels, followed by a Discussion at 7:15 of the Sutra I-33, on compassion from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The discussion will be followed by a breath awareness (pranayama) period that leads into sitting meditation. I invite any of you to attend for free; if you have the resources/desire to donate money, I am suggesting $10 to $15 per each of the two classes with proceeds in full to be donated to Mercycorps International.
When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world.  BKS Iyengar

UPDATE: Unfortunately, James is now unable to be in Bellingham. So the Thursday event below is cancelled. There may, however, be an alternate kirtan event on Friday with Paul. Please check back for more info.

Just about a month ago, James Boag presented a talk and kirtan with Paul at 8Petals, and the evening was rich and inspiring. We imagined that James, who generally resides in India would not be back until Spring, but he will surprisingly and happily be returning shortly, and you can read about his teachings with Paul in the information shown below. Paul will offer kirtan as part of the offerings I am hosting at Turtle Haven on October 23rd; this is a reminder that if you wish to partake of any of the events that day, I would like to have registrations by Sunday, the 16th! I appreciate your honoring of this date, so I may organize for parking and potential carpooling. I hope you might find some time to enjoy an Autumn day at Turtle Haven.

‘Yoga: The Heart of it’ Talk and short kirtan with James Boag.
Thursday 20th October 7:15-9:15pm at 8 Petals, Bellingham

Using a beautiful short poem as a start point, this talk will illustrate the core teachings of the holistic, wonderfully inclusive and practical yoga tradition. Integrating different approaches and aspects of practice, the talk will also show how to apply these teachings into all aspects of our lives, so we can live more heartfully, with greater purpose, clarity and joy.


Suggested donation: $10-40

‘Tonight the topic is love’ with James Boag and Paul Millage
Friday 21st October 7:15-9:45pm at 8 Petals, Bellingham

Join Paul and James for an inspiring evening of poetry, stories, insights and kirtan.

Poetry, stories and song are universal means, treasured by wisdom traditions from all around the globe, to help us unveil and recognise the beauty, glory and immensity of the love and light that is our essence. This should be an evening to remember!


Suggested donation $10-40

Also, in Bellingham, Paul is leading a kirtan on Friday 14th October and an acroyoga playground workshop on Saturday 22nd October. Further details below:

KIRTAN: Come sing from the heart, for the heart. All are welcome. Free event.

Friday 14 October at The Ground Floor (1113 State St. Bellingham): 7:30-9:30 pm

Acro Yoga Playground workshop led by Paul Millage at 3 OMS Bellingham (3omsyoga.com)

Saturday, 22 October 1:00-3:30PM  (?? – Paul’s blog says this same time, but Erin says she registered for this class and the time is actually 3:00-6:00)

Learn to fly with grace and joy with Acro Yoga! We’ll begin by flowing through standing, sitting, dynamic, & balancing partner yoga poses to warm our bodies then enter a playful exchange between acrobatic balancing, yoga and therapeutic Thai Massage. This workshop is accessible to anyone with basic body awareness and an adventurous spirit.

Questions about any? Contact Elizabeth 360 303 3892

Spring Quarter Begins March 21st!

The winter quarter is soon coming to a close. Time to get those last make-up classes in.

This week we have regular classes with active asanas. The following week, the week of March 7th, is the last week of the winter quarter featuring restoratives.

The following week of March 14th there are no classes.

Spring Quarter begins the next week, the week of March 21st.

All details of the end of winter quarter and the first week of spring quarter are up on the calendar with the exact details of the rest of spring quarter to be posted there soon.

For a full list of recent Schedule Update postings go here.


Will it snow or won’t it?


As always, if the weather seems to suggest a possible cancellation of a class, please listen to my voicemail message to verify. That phone number is 360-303-3892.

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Winter Quarter Begins January 3, 201

The Winter Quarter classes begin January 3, 2011; the schedule is the same as in the fall, as is the tuition of $120-135 for the 10 week quarter. A Winter Pass to unlimited classes will be $195. The classes in Bellingham are on Mondays, at 5:15 for Beginners and 7 pm for Intermediates. There is a Thursday noon class for Mixed Levels, also in Bellingham. In Deming, classes, all on Tuesdays,  are at 9:45 am for Mixed Levels, and 5:15 for Beginners and Mixed Levels students. The Intermediate students have class at 7 pm, also in Deming at Turtle Haven. Please email me, elizabethkerwin@hotmail.com or call at 303-3892 for more information. A childrens’ class is also offered at Turtle Haven on Wednesdays at 4pm; it will begin a little bit later in the quarter—please contact me for precise information.