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Autumn Yoga Classes

Elizabeth Kerwin - Autumn 2013 Yoga Classes

Elizabeth’s summer classes continue into the first two weeks of September, after Labor Day. The autumn schedule can be viewed in the flyer here (and above). Please contact Elizabeth if you have questions or wish to register!

This Friday, Oct 18th, at 7:30PM, Ravi Ravindra will be giving a public talk at 8 Petals Yoga Studio.  Please come – the public is welcome to participate!


As the glorious summer days continue to grace us with sun and abundance, a few subtle signs of waning light and the transition towards autumn gradually reveal themselves. We notice the invitation towards more inner reflection as we move into a new cycle of harvest, then quiet, and the revitalization of our spiritual exploration which comes with Ravi Ravindra’s wisdom, heart and presence. He returns October 18th through 20th, in the usual format, with a Friday public talk in Bellingham at 8Petals Yoga Studio and a Saturday and Sunday weekend retreat in Deming. Our theme this time will be “Journey of the Soul: Self Knowledge and Self Transformation.” Weather permitting, we also plan for time to walk the labyrinth, and to enjoy the forest and river trails, and the ever evolving land and shrines of Turtle Haven (retreat site).

Ravi Ravindra Fall 2013 Retreat Flier Image

To get a pdf of the flyer, click on the image above.

Kelly’s News and Sharing!

Kelly, a much appreciated and avid yoga student in my classes, then apprentice, and now teacher of Iyengar yoga in the process of certification, recently shared a link for creating wall ropes for yoga practice. Kelly is studying with some of the nation’s original and most devoted yoga teachers in the Iyengar tradition, deeply immersed in her practice of yoga. Her journey is inspiring! Here is the link to her directions for creating the wall: