Greetings Friends! Seems the entries of late focus on work. The last one before this, was an inquiry as to whether anyone has a good lead on someone to hire for garden tasks at Turtle Haven. I really did not get much response, to be truthful. The opening is still there! So this time, I invite you and anyone you know who might be inclined, to come and offer your labor as one of love for the beauty of Turtle Haven, and in service to this place of community gathering. Wouldn’t you rather work just as an offering? On May 20th we will gather in the afternoon from 1:30 to 4:30 pm at Turtle Haven to do some forest clean up, continuing on from last year’s storm clean up, as we gradually work towards restoration, after the devastating winter of 2017. Jillian and I held a work party last year, and were deeply touched by the many who contributed with such generosity of spirit. Please consider coming to this year’s edition, and connect with community in the bringing of beauty and restoration  to the land whose spirit brings much nourishment to those who gather here. And there will be good snacks too! Please let me know if you would like more details. There will be tasks gentle and vigorous.  pexels-photo-116833.jpeg